Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wonder Woman

I am not pretty when I cry... like, really not pretty.  No dainty tears for me.  Red face, snotty nose, awful noises... that's the way I cry.

I mention this in passing... because that's how I spent a bit of my morning.  But enough about me this morning... let's talk about me at lunch.

After my Vera appointment (a woman sent from God) I met up with some nifty folks, Karen, Amy and Lisa, at Corner Bakery.... yum!

My favorite thing at Corner Bakery is their Greek salad. Soooo yummy. I was so confused when ordering today because I couldn't find it on the menu.  Caesar salad? I asked myself, is that what I like... noooo, that doesn't seem right.  Greek salad... but where is it on the menu?

We-ell... the cute little danish at the register did NOT find me amusing at all.

Me: Don't you have a Greek salad?
Danish: We used to, now we just have it on certain days.
Me: Oooh, I'll have the Greek salad.
Danish: We don't have it today.
Me: You don't have it today?
Danish: No, we have it sometimes but not today.
Me (in my head) hmph, that's the only reason to come to corner bakery...
Me: Do you have any cold pastas?
Danish: Yes, we have this cold pasta (points to "Pasta Caprese Salad" in the "side" salad category)
Me: Do you have that as a main dish?
Danish: These are our main dish pastas (points to the "pasta" section... which does not include said pasta)
Me: Does the cold pasta come in a meal size?
Danish: It is a side dish, these are the pasta dishes (points to the dishes I am NOT interested in.)
Me: Can I get the (pointing) pasta in a main dish size?
Danish: You can get it in a side dish, which is a scoop and a half, or 3 scoops, or 5 scoops.
Me: How many scoops is in a "main dish" pasta?
Danish (shrug) You can get a side, a pint, or a quart.
Me: How many scoops is a quart.
Danish (shrug, I am going to kill this woman)
Me (I am going to kill this cute little danish)
Me: I'll take FIVE scoops of the Pasta Caprese Salad... and a drink.
Danish: okay
Me: Can you put this in a bowl? (because I don't trust you to NOT put it in a take-out container)
Danish: You want it in a bowl?
Me: Yes, I'd like it in a bowl.
Danish: Okay, we'll put it in a bowl.

Me and my 5 "scoops" of pasta... Photo by Amy.
What I really wanted was comfort food...
my mom's bow-tie, pine-nut, and sun-dried-tomato pasta...

Meanwhile... I made it through the day.

Many thanks to (in no particular order):



I recently acquired several Wonder Woman under-roos for some wonder women in my life... these women know how to fix a car about to over-heat... wowza...

I "acquired" one for myself also.

Anyway, this made me happy. So my new thing... occasionally I will offer a prize to my blog readers.  Today's prize offering... $10 gift certificate to Corner Bakery
(where on some days you can order a really great Greek salad)

Just post a comment below to enter the drawing. I will randomly (with a web widget) select a winner and post it on the "prize" page of my little blog. (Must enter Wonder Woman drawing by Wednesday, January 25th, 12:00pm, CST.)

Awkward... is if my hubby, who I say "go read my blog" to, is the only person to enter.  


  1. is the Kristi above, me???

  2. I feel the Danish's pain...but you're cute that way. ")"

  3. I don't like Greek salad.

  4. Do we yet know what days the Greek Salad is available? I love Greek salads and would be willing to try theirs. Sorry I missed the contest...maybe next time.