Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Hair on the Prairie

Okay. I am giving the power to my girlies.  It is in their hands whether or not they get to keep their long locks.  Because these locks ain't getting any love from me.

This morning I didn't even bothering to ask Caitlin to brush her hair, I just braided it and said "let's go. " Then I handed Medusa a hair band and said "pull it back."

If the girlies aren't going to groom their hair then we'll make life easier for all of us... and cut it off.  BUT it is in their hands. (This brills approach came from Vera... queen of all therapists everywhere!)

Tonight I stopped and bought new shampoo, new hair bands, bobby pins, barrettes and... rollers. I brought gifts and laid down the law.

We brushed and dried and rolled...

I had to take a photo! The girlies have pillow rollers in their hair, soft so that you can sleep in them... they really reminded me of Laura and Mary ready for bed in the loft with their hair tied up.

Siobain is still doing homework... I'm not lovin' 7th grade homework...

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