Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Honk if you love your pet!

We stopped to get gas on the way to school today.  I hate getting gas... hubby laughs because he swears every time he gets in my car it's on empty.  It's true. I've run out of gas a few times... awkward.  What's the big deal? No big deal, it's just... boring. Like cleaning the toilet but less satisfying.  I never stand back and proudly say "now THAT's a full tank"... but I could see myself admiring a clean toilet.

Anyway, today we had to stop for gas. Pop the gas door, boring. Twist the cap, boring. Insert my card, boring. Select unleaded, boring. Tangle with the hose, boring.

While it's doing it's thing I might as well wash my windshield... "beep beep"... "beep"...

I will not dignify that honking maniac with a glance.  I just got here, not even four dollars in the tank yet.

"beep beep"... take a chill pill!


What the ha-shiz-al!  I finally look... and see the-cutest-dog-ever* leaning up on the horn to see over the steering wheel.


I so wish I'd had my camera.

A young man, about 20, ambles out of the 7-11 and walks towards the car... "beep beep beep"... he taps on the window and the dog gets off of the horn, wagging his tail with all the love in the world.

The girlies and I had a huge giggle over this.

Animals bring joy to our lives...

... yes, I did make her pose with the mini bear.

Kitty goes back to the vet on Saturday, still praying that everything is a-okay.  She's been taking her medicine so well.  Two "beeps" for her!

*OBVIOUSLY not counting my handsome boy.

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