Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Math to the Bass...

I completely crashed into a nap this morning-ish... 11:30am.  I had forgotten to take my meds last night and didn't want to skip a dose.  But I take them at night for a reason, one of them puts me to zzzzz....

"Siobain, please wake me up at 1:00pm."

Sometime before 1:00pm... but after I've gotten into REM...

"Mommy, mommy, mommy"

"Yes, yes, yes" my response to make the noise go away.

"Mommy, I need help with math. What would be the probability of pulling a black checker after pulling two red checkers, assuming 12 red checkers and 12 black checkers are in the bag?"... I have opened an eye to confirm this is my oldest child torturing me.

"Say that again" I request, trying to pull some brain cells together and slap them awake.

"What is the probability of pulling a black," I interrupted her with "Are we allowed to use a calculator?"

"No. I already know that it is not 11/23 because I got it wrong and," I interrupt her again...

"11/23? Wait, what are we talking about? How could you have gotten 11/23?" I'm sooo confused.

"It's not 11/23, that's the wrong answer so I don't know how I got that." Siobain is completely defeated and realizing that she is much smarter than her mommy...

The most I can think or say at this stage of a nap is "yes" or "no"... the answer not depending on the question but on whatever will let me keep sleeping. That's why this is when the girls ask for sodas or chips... because I'll say yes and have no recollection... So why would anyone attack me with MATH in this state?

Have I mentioned that I loath 7th grade? I don't remember it making my head hurt this much when I was in it.

Sooo... after math torture with Siobain I went and had broadway fun with Caitlin and Eleanor (somehow that divie doesn't seem fair to Siobain.)

Finally time to cash-in Eleanor's birthday present! Junie B. Jones at The Bass, 3 tickets for me and my middle girlies. As always... there was drama and delays... but we finally made it to our seats.

Bass Hall was filled to the rafters with little girls under the age of 10, moms over the age of 25, grandmas over the age of 50, and a sprinkling of really scared looking men :).

Great show. Okay that being said... I watched my girlie as she realized that "this" was not as good as the book.  So funny to see the horror (that I have felt many times) as you see your favorite story being reinterpreted on stage (or in a movie).  Poor thing, she kept leaning over to say "that did not happen" or "she never did that" or "this part isn't right"...

I think Eleanor was able to enjoy the show much more as she is just being introduced to the Junie B. Jones series.

I was able to enjoy the show... except for one teensy-weensy-itty-bitty production complaint... if the main character's mic is giving major feedback AND rustling against clothing AND crackling, consider fixing it. Even if the lights have to go dark for a couple of minutes or if you actually say "please hold for tech"... it'd be worth the wait.

We made a stop at the bookstore... to feed the Junie B. Jones machine and then we also picked up some cake pops to "mini" celebrate Eleanor's birthday again.

If I had to choose which part of the day to experience again... I would totally NOT choose 7th grade math. ;)

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