Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When you have strep...

You should take the opportunity to "shop" for your Halloween costume...

And think up ways to convince mommy that it IS a good investment to get a $$$ Hermoine costume.  Probably should be asked while running a fever and coughing.  A weak trickle of a voice doesn't hurt either.

Paper magazines are the beginning of Caitlin's shopping addiction.  She cuts, prioritizes, and plans... to spend my money.  I really need to get her addicted to COUPON cutting...

My poor baby.  Missing day 6,  7, and 8.  She's Dr. approved to go back to school tomorrow because the drugs will have kicked in.

I really hope no one else in the house gets it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When good hair goes bad...

Bad hair days... it's really a sliding scale.

My hair is actually one of my cosmetic pluses (not sure that's a word)... I know it's all relative. But to me, it's a plus. It's not thin, dry, or frizzy. But I also don't put the time in it that I should.  And that's why there are days like this...

On a bad hair day scale I would put this at a 7.5 out of 10... 10 being a "I've been stuck in the hospital for 3 weeks without being able to wash."

My girlies have the same problem.  Caitlin has silky locks and Siobain has a thick mane.  But when our hair goes wrong. It. goes. wrong.

We are all getting hair cuts this weekend.  My goal will be not to peak over a 3.5 until the next cut.  And no pony tails...

The Witching Hour Haiku

an hour past midnight
but not yet struck three o'clock
dark angst and fear grow

sleep on the wind blows
thoughts swirling like autumn leaves 
tick tock time flies by

sleepless I'm alone
hosting my loud inner voice
not time to call out

silent screaming thoughts
oh to rest for dreamless sleep
escape eludes me

husband and daughters
changes must be made for them
love is not enough

plead to the Father
release me from this unease
take on this burden

You Father are strong
i give this to you in faith
my Holy Father

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonus - New Record...

Sick on the 6th day of school...

Did she go around and lick all the surfaces?
Did she kiss all the boys?
Did she yell "hey germs, come and get me!"?

I'm just saying.
6th. day. of. school.

I am thankful that little coughs and snot and slight fever is all we worry about.  
We are so lucky to have healthy girlies.
And we are lucky to have such a great Dr... who we'll get to see tomorrow.

Whatchya Doin?

It's 3:30.
I'm showered.
Getting ready to go to work... 'cause I'm up.
And from past experience I am HIGHLY productive at this hour.

But I can't do anything around the house because it is very small and I would wake everyone up.

My loved ones are snug in their beds.  Well, Caitlin is snug in my bed. But everyone is definitely snug.

I have disturbed only one...

my handsome boy

He's been following me around.  I'm sure he's trying to figure out what he's supposed to fix. That's what he does. He stuck by me right outside the shower.  Followed me to the laundry room. Tried to lure me back to bed.

He'll be on guard until I walk out of the house in a few minutes.  Then he'll climb into bed to watch over one of the others.

He is always on watch. Always on guard.  Always ready to cuddle or keep company.

Always my handsome boy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Because Daddy isn't home

I didn't post yesterday.
Slept and hid instead.

Michael had a party to go to.  WE had a party to go to. To celebrate an anniversary. I hadn't seen anyone at the party for years. YEARS. Some of them I had only met once. My social anxiety reared it's ugly head. It hit really bad around 10:00 am.  8 hrs before the party. 7 hrs before we had to leave for the party. 6 hrs before I had to get ready for the party.

I "tapped" but then was so exhausted I slept.  Tapping is great.  As a therapy method I highly recommend it.  But no amount of tapping was going to get me calm enough to go to this party. I know the root.  I know the why.  I just couldn't rationalize it away.  Because it wasn't the logic... it was the emotion.

But hubby is awesome.  And he loves me. And he understood. And he knows I am trying. It's a huge accomplishment that I could go out with my friends this weekend, alcohol helped :).  Going out with his friends will be what I work on next.

So I stayed home with the girlies.  And I was up late because I had hid and slept all day. And everyone wanted hubby home.

The temperature reached 106 yesterday. It was 94 when the girlies went to bed.  But daddy wasn't home... and this is what Caitlin sleeps in when Daddy isn't home.

We all love Michael. Hubby. Daddy. Goofball. Friend. Foe. Hero.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bonus - For a good time call...

Shona & Kristi

photo by... some lady who works at BJs

I had so much fun tonight! I totally let my dirty hair down, had a drink(...), and a lot of laughs.  I'd like to share... but I think most of the content is rated R... besides, what happens with the girls stays with the girls.

Happy Birthday Shona!

Thanks for inviting me, I can't wait to come again ;)

Serious doubts...

Hmmmm... My friend Danny was in town today and brought me some amazing looking jalapeno and cheddar bread.  I made it exactly 1 hour after he left before I had to break in and taste it.

I seriously doubt this will make it home... It is to die for.  If someone came in and said "give me your bread or die"... I would have to take pause.

yumminess in a bag

look at that jalapeno

It's girls night out to celebrate Shona's birthday tonight.  So I am going to consider this bread pre-celebratory stomach lining to better soak in the alcohol I will be consuming.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

I washed my car yesterday...

... and today it rained.

10 Things About My Day

1. Caitlin did NOT like the waves we tried to create by sleeping in a braid.

But now we know she is going to be Hermione for Halloween...

2. "Is it legal to take pictures while you drive?" asked Siobain as I am... taking a picture while driving.

Really? 5 minutes of rain? I washed my car for that?

3. Honey fell on her way into school.  She gets that from me.  I was a kind enough mother not to whip out my camera for the photo op... and she refused to reenact it for my this evening. Where is the gratitude?

4. I had a 5 minute conversation with Stacy about Michael.  Turns out I was talking about Michael R and she was talking about my husband.  How did that go on for 5 minutes without either of us having a clue.

I know too many Michaels... THIS is Michael, to be refered to as HUBBY from now on...

I was trying to get him to do the George Kastanza...

But he wouldn't

5. You cannot fake-out your therapist.  If you can, you need to get a new one.  (I love Vera!)

6. I was shown a penis chandelier at lunch...

Here is my question.  If you have enough "balls" to hang a penis chandelier...
Wouldn't you point it the other direction?

7. I was the annoying person who asked all the questions at the training session today.  From now on I am supposed to tape myself...

8. It doesn't matter if none of the other kids appreciated the treasure bag.  My girlie loves her pirate bear!

9. Keith, Jack is better than Maker's.

10. I got to come home to this...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bonus - Whistling is hard work!

Caitlin has been trying to whistle for years... we finally have a whistle!

'Course, she sucks air in instead of blowing it out... but it sounds the same.
And we are hearing a LOT of windy whistles.

I l-o-v-e her whistle kiss at the end. She didn't do that on purpose!

Bare Butts

Bare... I mean Bear Butts...

A bunch of bear butts.
tehehehe... a co-worker walked into my cube and said "bare butts!"

Why so many mooning bears?  Caitlin's third grade teacher is so fun and enthusiastic.  She's all about team work and keeping the kids motivated.  Since their classroom is "Poole's Pirates" we decided to make a treasure bag with lots of fun stuff!  I put them together at work so that my sneaking girlie can have a surprise too.

I hope the kids like them.  The brown bag has a pirate bear, 2 pirate bookmarks, 1 pirate pencil, and 4 silly bands.... and a whole lotta love.

Yo-ho-ho Poole's Pirates!
Your team found a treasure!
Your "first mate" Study Buddy bear
A "lookout" bookmark... so you don't lose your spot
A Pencil, mightier than your sword
And silly band just for fun!
Arrr! A great year it will be!

These will go home with the kids on Friday.  So the three people who read my blog... don't tell the kiddos.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's To The Beer

You heard it here first folks! 

Rucker Simon is going to be a big ol' country star! He just published (is that the right term?) his first single on iTunes and Amazon, Here's To The Beer. Who is Rucker? My boss' 19 year old son.

Yes, I've noted that he's not old enough to order beer... but it's a great song.

Tricky photo today.
I took a pic of myself listening to the song... note that I am singing along.
Then I took a screen capture of my iTunes.
Then I took another screen capture of the screen capture with my photo.

I am sure there was an easier way to do that... but this is the way I worked it out.

Back to the music...

So check this song out ASAP.  Back in the day my sister and her friends used to make "theme" CDs.  This one would definitely have gone on the break-up CD.

I'm more of a "put it on repeat" kinda girl. I once listened to Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA for three days straight. Totally helped me make it through that week.

I don't always do that.  Normally I have my music on random/shuffle. But I will get into repeats modes occasionally.

Today it was Here's To The Beer on repeat. It keeps getting better.

... that voice... 19?... I'm pretending he's 50...

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School

Caitlin was excited this morning....

She had her Jack bag, all her supplies and smiles.

Siobain was not excited this morning...

She smiled for this ONE picture.  Sigh. She's 12. And I love her.

Both girls reported good days. Caitlin l-o-v-e-s her teacher. She got a treat at the end of the day. They are going to put their folders together tomorrow. The year is going to be fantastic and she's going to love it. I know this because she told me so.

Siobain, in a pre-teen kinda way, had nothing to "report" and everything was "fine" and there are no details she needs to "share"... but she was smiling and in a good mood. So I guess her day went really well too.

I did really need to know about the lunch situation. So I pushed... Lunch is the time I worry about most for her. It's the most social. So, here is the deal. Apparently her class is assigned to 3 tables for the time being. They MAY in the FUTURE be allowed to sit wherever they want in the cafeteria.  But for right now they have to sit with their class.  She ate with Joey.

I'm so relieved. Lunch is the most social 30 minutes of her day. I wanted it to go well. I know she'll find her place. And she'll make new friends. But I'm really glad the first lunch is over.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The LAST picture of Summer 2011

the eve of 3rd and 7th grade

This is the last photo of the summer.
There are now two showers running.
Cloths are laid out.
Book bags are packed.
The house is filled with nerves and anticipation and excitement.

My beautiful girlies...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Last night of vacation.  I don't count tomorrow night because it is the eve of a work day. And when I say "last night of vacation" I mean for 2011.  No more vacation days this year.

But oh my! It has been nice to have a whole week off!

Wanna know how I celebrated my last night of VC?... A necked coaster ride!

tehehehehehe he he

Just kidding. No, I haven't been drinking. No, I'm not really necked.

Wanna know how you can tell this superior photo is a fake?
1. You can see my monitor reflection in my glasses.
2. Part of my neck and shoulder are missing. ("green screen" issues)
3. My hair is not flapping in the wind.
4. My... (whisper) boobies... aren't flapping over my shoulder.

I crack myself up! Do you see how I put all my acting skills to work with my scared face?


Also giving me the title of wackadoo is the email I sent to all of Honey's teachers... She is going into 7th grade and if you've read previous posts you know I suck at stalking, snooping, and generally being nosey.  So I decided to take the bull by the send button. (Get it? instead of HORNS I used my email... maybe I should say "by the mouse"... except I don't have a mouse.  So we are sticking with send button.)

Anywho. Yes! I did email all of her teachers...

Hello all,

My daughter, Siobain (pronounced shavon), is in your classes this year.  I know Siobain will learn all your class rules the first day of school and that she will get to know each of you. You will be spending a collective 7 hrs a day with my daughter and I would also like to know a little about each of you.

I look forward to Siobain learning and growing this year. You all know more about this age group and the changes they go through than I;  Siobain is our oldest and we are learning as we go.

If you have the time and the inclination I would appreciate hearing back from you.

How long and what subjects have you taught?
What is something you wish the parents of your students knew?
What is the most helpful thing I can do for your class this year?
Anything else you would like to share or would like me to know?

My husband and I will be attending the new parent Q&A on the 25th and we look forward to meeting each of you on the 8th.

I realize that Siobain will be 1 of more than 90 students for each of you. She is 1 of 2 daughters for me.  I will support Siobain and each of you in any way I can this year.  Please let me know when there is anything I can do or anytime you need something.

Yes, I'm a little bit crazy but usually in a good way.

Thank you and have a great school year!

And then I put all my contact information.  Here is the deal.  I would rather be an informed wackadoo than just your average necked-roller coaster-riding wackadoo. I want them to know that she has parents who are involved, who want to be part of a team, who respect them as teachers and people.

Also, I did NOT attach the necked-roller coaster-wackadoo photo. I thought that was showing great restraint on my part.


Whew.  If that isn't enough wackadoo for you... I also LOST MY PHONE IN TARGET.  I'm phoneless.  I feel necked.


I hope you all have a good "last night of wackadoo's vacation" night too.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bonus - Psych: Scary Sherry

Yesterday the girlies had a mini Psych marathon with their girl friends.  It was kinda funny.  They would laugh and rewind and re watch all the Gus/Shawn screaming parts. All fun and games... until Scary Sherry.

Now Caitlin won't go anywhere by herself (again.) And she definitely wasn't going to take a shower by herself.  Siobain, and Spartacus, were kind enough to sit in the bathroom while she took a bath.  Siobain even read a book to her.

Frankenstein Makes A Sandwich
by Adam Rex

Makes me laugh that a Frankenstein story book (even a funny one) is what she chose to read...

I suck at stalking!

I always have. Sucky stalking in high school can be chalked up to non-experience.  But by college I should have been a pro. Nope. I thought it came with the female genes. Nope.

Turns out as an adult, married, mother-of-two I still suck! An amateur.  Not that it's good to be a "stalker" but some minimal skills would come in handy.

This is my "stalking" face.  Caitlin is impressed... but she's only 8.

Sooo... Who is my prey? The people who my children will be spending 8 hrs a day with for the next 9 months.  T-E-A-C-H-E-R-S.  It's just that these are my babies we are talking about.

What did I find out? Nothing! Not even a favorite color. How much should we be able to know about our children's teachers?

Well, I met Caitlin's teacher.  That just leaves Siobain's 6...

I checked out the stalking laws in Texas... turns out I am an even suckier stalker than I thought.  I don't plan on doing ANY of those things. Sigh. Good news for my girlies.  I may be crazy... but I'm not THAT crazy.

So what am I? Curious?  Nosey? Looks like I suck at being curious and nosey.  I really thought I excelled at those two.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bonus - Pronouns are important...

My house. Your house. 

This is my house.

The pronoun "your" would have saved me from social awkwardness this evening... well, at least one of the awkward moments :)

Tonight we went to meet Caitlin's teacher and see her new classroom.  We brought her girlie friend with us because I didn't know what time she was being picked up.  Her mom called while we were at the school and we had a quick conversation about how to get the girlie friend back to her mom. She said whatever is easiest for me...

Here is what I said, "Okay, I'll drop her at the house." Meaning... It is more convenient for me to bring her to your house after the open house so I don't feel rushed.

Here is what she heard, "Okay, I'll drop her at the house." Meaning... It is more convenient for me to bring her to my house so I don't have to make the drive to your house.

So after sitting in her car at my house for half an hour she sent me a text: Ur neighbors r getting suspicious!!

I found this text very confusing... until I spoke with her and found out that she was sitting in my drive waiting at "the" my house.

Tehehehehe he.

Caitlin's teacher seems charming.  AND Shona's son is in the class too.  It was so nice to hear a (loud) "Kathleen" when I entered the room. Made the event much easier for me to have someone I know and trust there.

The Poop Post

Girlies are going crazy!

It's animal house in here!  Last week of summer. Best buddies are over.
Out of control! And I love the sounds of laughter.

Mad Libs for lunch...

Apparently "poop" is still funny at ages 7, 8, 11, and 12... because all these girlies were coming up with variations of the word "poop" for these mad libs.

Noun: Poop, Pooper
Verb: Poop, Pooped, Poops
Adjective: Poopy, poopish

Maniacal giggling when the story is read.  I guess it's true, girls will be girls... boys?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bonus - Don't talk about it!

We picked up Honey's school schedule this afternoon. (I was very impressed with myself for being able to go to the school, therapy really is working.) Anyway, back to Honey.

She was not a happy camper.  If I could go buy her a pair of rose-colored-glasses I would. Somehow she had been holding out hope that even though I made her sign up for all pre-AP classes they would be full and she wouldn't have to take them.  Poor thing... of coarse she's in all AP classes.  But she also got into theater and art, her first two elective picks!

She looked at her schedule for about 10 seconds and then we headed off to find all her classrooms.  I kept having to refer to the list... apparently she memorized the whole thing in 10 seconds.  I miss having a brain.

So... all she needs to bring to school on the first day is a notebook and pencil.  There was no meeting the teachers tonight.  No school supply list. This is the next step.  One more step closer to adulthood and one step farther from apron strings. (Not that I've ever worn an apron.)

Not to worry, I'll be able to meet the teachers next week.  And I've already stalked them all on the school website.  I think two of her teachers are married to each other... or they're siblings, but I think probably married. She's got 3 male teachers this year.  Which is great.  She hasn't had a male teacher before.

As we walked out of the building I was instructed that she had a few days of summer and that school was off limits. "DON'T talk about it! I am going to enjoy my last few days as much as possible!"

Apparently, denial runs in the family. She wasn't kidding either. I found her at the table...

YouTube, Nintendo DS, and drawing... she really is going to soak in as much "me" time as possible for the next 4 days.

Boiling Water

"That smells good mommy!"

I would have been so flattered... if I had done more than boil water.  Hadn't even put the pasta in yet.

Was this psychological?  Was she telling me I need to make dinner more often?

Should I have her senses checked?  Maybe she saw the steam and assumed there was a tasty smell?

Does my burner need to be cleaned? I couldn't smell anything...

Anyway. Some people bake cookies to make their home smell good.  Apparently, I just need to boil water!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dancing Flamingo

I called in an asked for another vacation day.  And I am so glad that I did.  We had such a fun day.  We didn't do anything "special" just ran around.

Well, we started the day off planning to do something special.  My third girlie is in another stage production, Willy Wonka, and we were going to see the 10:00am show. We were on the waiting list because it was sold out... so close to getting in but we didn't.


We wanted to have lunch with them so we decided to hang out in the area until the show was over.  Being the wild and crazy kids that we are, we hit up the local library.  It's really nice!  They have a great reading room.  We all picked a book to read while we waited for the cousins.  Hubby surprised us by getting a local library card... so we could take our unfinished books with us.

Caitlin was uncontrollable with the "has Aunt Sarah called yet?" question every five minutes.  "How long until the show is over?"...  Total cliche "are we there yet?" moment... for an hour. LOL!

Lunch was a lot of fun. The girlies had their own table and Sarah, hubby and I actually got to have a conversation!


Then two doors down for some frozen yogurt...

(photo by Sarah)
Again... we are able to all look in different directions.  Our family is unbelievable!

Sarah told hubby that his shirt "hurt like a hang over" which I thought was hi-larious. She said that quote came from the tv show Will & Grace.  I don't care where it came from... if the quote fits... (more about the shirt later.)


The girlies begged to go to the pet store... they were not ready to separate.  So we hung out at the PetSmart.  They have a doggy daycamp.  One of the walls is just a big window looking at their play room. Best free entertainment ever.  I really don't know how long we all stood there watching and laughing at the dogs playing.

We picked up some food for my handsome boy and I fell in love with this rubber dancing flamingo.

(photo by Sarah)

Hubby said "no"... "Sparticus won't like it"
I vetoed that argument and the truth came out "it makes me uncomfortable."
What? Why? What?!... 
We all wanted to know why he would be uncomfortable with a dog toy.
It's a squeak toy and he didn't like the placement of the hole... tehehehehee

A picture of the hole for your enjoyment.

Of coarse I won and we brought the toy home.
It was love at first sight.  Who couldn't love this face?

Thank you MOM!

kissy kissy kissy

Look mom, she's taking a bow.

Okay, so after lunch but before we brought flamingo home, we had to go to the bank.  Michael was in line and this old guy turns to Michael and says "I'll wrestle you for that shirt." Michael having been told, just an hour before, that his shirt is unacceptable doesn't know if this guy was making fun of him.  I so wish I was there for the awkwardness.  Makes me giggle.

Monday, August 15, 2011

3% and 1964

Had an exciting day.  
Refinanced and got 3% interest rate on the balance of the house.
But don't really know how to show that in a picture.


Here is a picture, taken today, of the Paul Beatles tumbler Michael received.

But this is a TOTAL CHEAT so that I can write about the concert we went to on the 7th.
For Father's day we gave Michael tickets to see 1964 The Tribute.
It was a great concert! Probably the first time I was able to appreciate The Beatles.

Pictures aren't very good because we were using hubby's phone.
But the memories are great.

We had mezzanine box seats so I wasn't in this crowd.
Just me and hubby and my 2 girlies and 6 other people.
It was heaven. And we all had our own chairs!

This was our view of the stage.
It was so fun to watch the crowd.  So many electronic devices down there!

My cuties!

More cuties! (tehe)

We waited and took pictures with the band.
Sooooo blurry.

Hubby wants to make this an annual tradition. I had enough fun I might let him.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bulldogs, Rockets & Wildcats

Three days of scrapbooking.  

Had so much fun.  
But I'm done.
Hey, I'm a poet.
And didn't even know it.

This is what I look like after three days.
I really did get a lot done... making 3 books at once for the new school year.
They aren't finished yet. Still have to do February - Last Day.

 Girlie 3(K); Girlie 2 (3rd); Girlie 1 (7th)

bull dogs, rockets, and wildcats
girlies will have to put down their teacher names when we know them

first day of school






School starts in a week.  
Need to get February, March, April, May and Last day done quick.
Girlies 1 & 2 really like their books.  Hope Girlie 3 does too.