Friday, January 13, 2012

Suck It UP!

The "sick" has gotten to my spirit a little.  What sick? You've got a freaking infected sinus infection! SUCK IT UP!

I'm a little depressed about a work situation.  Work? You've got a great JOB that you love and that pays all your bills and leaves you a little something extra! SUCK IT UP!

I didn't get to see Vera this week. Therapy? You get to go to therapy every WEEK, one of the perks of having insurance! SUCK IT UP!

Hubby is gone for the weekend. Gone? You get a hubby break? Boo-hoo! SUCK IT UP!

I have to pick the girls up from school. School! They are getting a great education, for FREE! SUCK IT UP!

Okay, I'm gonna give myself a little bit of a break on the school-pick-up thing because it is scary. Plus I thought that "publicly" yelling at myself would help me get out of the funk... but now I'm just embarrassed, as I should be.

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