Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drama Queen!

W.C. Fields said "Never work with children or animals."... I'm adding robots to that list.

Robots are SO demanding. Only green m&ms, no monkeys allowed on the set, and they will only drink vodka! Do you know how hard that makes my day?

And this one! Who would have known a 2.5 inch robot could scream that loud:

Oh wait, that was me screaming.  

I did discover that winged bugs are one of the only reasons you can scream at your boss. "Kill it Peter! KILL IT!  KILL IT NOW! PETER!"

Here was the star of the show.  His name is Roberto Bot, but his friends call him Ro (that's totally from the script, get it, Ro Bot... my boss is a funny funny guy.)

So I was in charge of operating Ro Bot's remote control... not as easy as it sounds.
Especially when he has specific marks he had to hit... sometimes Ro will go only where Ro wants to go.

Very talented DP and Director in the foreground... I forgot to ask if I can use their images... that's on my to do list for tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Robots and Daymares

I have an awesome job.  Couple of months ago I had to order 6 - 6 inch bullfrogs.  Love it!!  Yesterday I had to order robots, they arrived today.  And I had to, as part of my JOB, practice using them for a shoot tomorrow.

Yes, I did walk my robots down to the 2nd floor so that I could practice and carry on with the rest of my work.  Ummmm, today I was popliar (as Caitlin would pronounce it.) Everyone wanted to play with my robot... and one person even pulled out their remote control car and... drove circles around my robot. He clearly had the superior product.

The middle man is the one that traveled with me.  He also makes loud noises and lights up... awesome!

Part Deux

I drive two hours a day.  One hour to work and one hour home (assuming no traffic.)  Most of the time I listen to a book... sometimes listen to music... but that can lead to daydreams... or what hubby and I call daymares.

Daymares are daydreams that go WRONG.  Well today I had a biggie.  I was thinking about how much fun I had today.  And how fun it was to discuss accounting stuff with my trusty robot by my side.  I was in someone else' department... a nut/bolts/computer department... They are NOT used to me down there.  I'm... me. In my daymare my cute little robot made a beep and did a pirouette and I laughed.  Then all of a sudden the division director (who I don't know at all) started stomping on my robot.  He broke them into pieces and was yelling about toys in the office.

Well!  That toy was part of my job and I was not going to take this laying down.  I jumped up and said "Excuse me Mr. X" (name not mentioned since this all happened in my head.) "You are unprofessional and a bully, sir! I expect YOU or one of your MINIONS to go out and purchase a new robot, assemble it, and deliver it to me by 9:00AM tomorrow, sir." 

I tried to keep my temper, because it is ineffective to call someone unprofessional and then act unprofessional yourself.  But I was definitely shaking.  At this point my daymare splits off into several different scenarios, kinda like a "choose your own adventure" book.  The most dramatic ending is me showing the CEO (in regular business terms) the broken bits of my robot.

Anywho. That's my day. And, that's how I keep myself entertained.

Disclaimer: The characters in my head are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time of our lives...

This is the grandfather clock that keeps time in our home.  I have always loved grandfather clocks and am so happy to have this memento of hubby's father in our lives.

It is very soothing to hear the strike of the clock counting the hours, and the tone played at 15, 30, and 45. Our house is small, so you can hear it everywhere.  It is part of the ambiance they we are accustomed to... it's a little hard to sleep without it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bricks - Scientifically Speaking

With the assistance of the lovely Caitlin we have determined, scientifically of coarse, how much taller hubby is than Siobain... or how much taller Siobain has to grow to bypass hubby.

The official result, in scientific terms is 2 and 3/4 bricks.

My girlies are growing up SO fast.  I doubt that Caitlin will grow taller than hubby, but she's only 7 so there is still time. BTW, despite hubby's sour puss stoic expression he has a great sense of humor about his height... it's just that I made him get up and change his shirt and it's a little chilly and it was probably the first time he had sat down all today... I'm a pain in the... We'll keep that for another post.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Freebee 3

The other 5th Beatle.

My hubby is a Beatle freak of nature.  I found this picture on his phone last week:

photo by Siobain, on hubby's phone... because he made her do it

He's the short one on the end.

I especially enjoy that he thought standing on tip-toes would add something...

He is a funny funny man.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here's My Sign

If I had a sign, it would say "I'm Lost"... (okay, I probably would not have just ONE sign.)

Anyway, I get lost on the way home from work.  I'm not kidding.  A drive I make 5 days a week and I can get lost in 10 seconds if I am not paying attention.

Right now they are doing road work and it is CRAZY!  Half the signs are down, narrowed to two lanes here, one lane there, detour here.  It is wild.  Like a new adventure everyday (if you are navigational challenged like me.)

I'm not exaggerating for emphasis, I got lost yesterday.  I need a Garmin.

Sooooo! You can imagine how excited I was to see this parked on the side of the highway:

We had a shoot today, there were good parts... and there were bad parts.  When I got home (after 3 detours, one wrong turn, and a traffic jam) I took a long not-water-conserving shower.  Thank goodness my girlies were out having fun or I would have received a lecture (they are awesome.)

Ending my evening cuddling with my littlest girlie, her sign says "Cuddle me, I'm cute!"

I love the way this pic turned out.  We are watching Harry Potter on my computer cuddled up on the bed. When I took the picture I accidentally had the flash behind the screen so it flashed red.

She is beautiful!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bonus - The Last Hour

Well, not THE last hour I hope.  But I did spend the last hour lying in my back yard.

Yes,  in the grass.

I didn't start out that way, but let me ask you a questions... which will give out first; aged wood, aged metal, aged plastic, or aged rubber?

PLASTIC... and that's how I went from the swing to the lush grass.

But it was too pretty outside to be bothered.  I hollered for Caitlin to bring me my camera, because I was really too comfy in the grass to bother getting it myself.

Captured Caitlin first...

Then the beautiful sky...

My handsome boy came to say hello...

Honey didn't want to be left out...

And I decided a photo of myself was in order... unfortunately...

 Yes, I'm in my pajamas... because I'm in my own backyard...

Have a great weekend!

Posed Picture

My dad used to always say "fake it till you make it."

So when I got home and my girlies where playing the wii (again) I said, lets go outside and take some pictures.

Caitlin is very proud of her cartwheel abilities.  She can do more than 5 in a row!  Siobain can. not. cartwheel. To the point of being humorous.

So here is Caitlin doing a real cartwheel and Siobain doing a fake one:

We were laughing so hard because I kept making them do it over and over.  Siobain posing and Caitlin doing the cartwheels.  Great way to start the weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bonus - Diarrhea Moment

Hi, my name is Kathleen and I am a dumb ass.

I have a phrase I like to use.  It's "diarrhea moment"... this does not refer to being sick and having intestinal issues... it refers to the moment in time when you realize something is wrong and you are about to:

1) be blamed
2) look like a dumb ass
3) sound like a dumb ass
4) be completely unprepared for something
5) all of the above (this is the worst kind)

I am talking about mental and emotional diarrhea moments... which can sometimes lead to actual diarrhea.

Here is a picture of a woman who has just had a dumb ass diarrhea moment:

Yes, that is me.  Here is the irony... I had the diarrhea moment because of a reference to "diarrhea moments," let me explain.

I have a wonderful co-worker who shares my giggles about diarrhea moments.  He's been to two Jamborees with me, the most powerful of all diarrhea moment inducing projects.

Sadly, his mother has just passed away and while at the funeral he has been put in the hospital for a kidney stone.

The office is passing around 4 cards for signatures.  2 goodbyes, 1 get well, and 1 sympathy card (for Steve). All 4 of these cards arrive at my desk and I am asked to sign them while she (the who doesn't matter) waits.  While I am signing she talks about Steve going to the hospital... so when I get to the card for Steve I think "I'll cheer him up with a diarrhea moment reference"...

Of coarse I have to ask how to spell "diarrhea" and she and my boss look at me for a long moment (really long moment) and then start spelling it.  As I am writing d-i-a-r-r she says "you do know that's Steve's sympathy card?"

Holy F***!  I thought this one was for the kidney stone, NO! I have now written "Having a diarr" on the sympathy card for his mother's DEATH! This card is already filled with 20 other signatures, there is no going back.

At this point I am having a level 5 diarrhea moment.  White out would look tacky, although one could argue that "diarrhea" would look MORE tacky, scribbling it out won't do... again, holy F***!

So, I drew a big flower over the text and wrote "sending you happy thoughts." Not good... better than diarrhea.

Lessons Learned
3) Mom is right, I should develop a more lady-like sense of humor.

Dumb Ass

Hello, my name is Kathleen and I'm a dumb ass.

I try to start the girlies day off as calmly as possible... which means that after screaming at them to get out of the house we have a very calm and quiet car ride to school.  No music, just positive thoughts and words.

Looking at it that way I actually start their morning very bi-polar... but let's focus on the calm car ride.

Anyway, I always drop my girlies off with these words, "You are smart, you are kind, and you are beautiful.  Have a good day, learn a lot, I love you!"... then I usually holler "I love you" again as they are walking away from the car.

Drop of Siobain first at her school and then Caitlin at hers. Caitlin always (every morning) asks if she is going to be late or on time or early or really early.  Most days she is on time.  Once she was late. Often she is early.

Once I drop Caitlin off I usually turn on my iPod and listen to my current book or music.  Today I was distracted by the need for gas.  Really needed gas, the light was on and the needle was way below empty.

So I stopped at 7-11 and put $45 (!) into the tank... and went on my merry way.

I still don't have my iPod on because... well, I was out of my routine.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump thump.

Does my car always sound like this when my music is off?

Thump. Thump thump. Thump.

What could that be? There aren't any warning lights on?

Thump. Thump.

I happen to glance in my side view mirror...

I've seen other dummies on the road with their gas hood open... but I have never seen a dumb ass who also has their cap thumping in the wind... until today, when I looked in my rear view mirror.

Lesson Learned
2. Check that your gas system is put back together or suffer the indignity of being a dumb ass.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stone Deaf

I talk a lot
if I didn't my thoughts would rot

unfortunately I am no word chef
and my verbal concoctions can make people deaf

but I have this wonderful stone
he never leaves me alone

daily on my desk he sits
and to every word, phrase, and sentence he commits

I can talk to my fleur-de-lis rock whenever
and he always thinks I am clever

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

THE haircut!

Caitlin has been running around with the most wild hair.  It's in her face, ratty tatty (just check out any of her photos on this blog so far.)  Why would I allow this you ask?  Because of the TRAUMA of the last haircut.

It was so cute.  A short little bob just past the ears with bangs... perfect for her cute little face.  She cried for 3 days.  I'm not kidding.  3. days. So I promised her I would never make her cut her hair short again and would let her have a say... although I retain veto power.

My reasoning?  I have had some horrible haircuts in my time.  I have cried WHILE they were cutting my hair.  So I understand.

But the hair has been driving me nuts... more nuts than usual.  Finally she came to me and said she needed to cut her bangs to match her American Girl Doll (I now consider this the best santa gift EVER!)

We had a fancy photo shoot in the front yard when I got home (they are wearing matching dresses):

I had tried so hard to make it to Cool Cuts for Kids... but they finished when I was still 20 minutes away.  Hubby took this picture for me.  Apparently Caitlin waffled several times on the way, I am SO glad she went with the bangs.

photo by hubby

Siobain also had her hair cut this past weekend.  She's old enough that I take her to Candace who cuts Honey's hair while I sit in tinfoil strips and hair color... She also looks beautiful!

photo taken on Saturday 3/19

Monday, March 21, 2011

A picture worth 21 words.

So, anyone who knows me is aware of my... let's go with "eccentric" personality. High, low, paranoid, shy, outgoing, happy, sad, confident, low self-esteem, funny, awkward, creative... on and on and on.

It is no surprise that I have a special doctor that prescribes special pills to keep my more "eccentric" traits in check.

Anywho, at today's appointment I finally paid attention to the sign at the check-in desk... I took a picture with my phone, so it is hor-a-ble!

Due to patient confidentiality and as a customer service, we will wait until your telephone conversation in completed to assist you.

That is what is printed on the sign... but this is what I read "Don't be rude to me, I refuse to waste my time with you unless you get your ass off the phone!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me 'n Roz

A very dear friend of mine, who is also one of my favorite writers, posted about me yesterday!  Finally someone recognizes that the world revolves around moi!

She even captured my likeness with pencil and crayons!  I have taken a (webcam) photo of myself wearing my favorite glasses, matching her illustration...

Here is her amazing illustration!

Illustration by Beth D'Bomb

I'm so lucky to count her as a friend.  
Check out more about me per Beth D'Bomb at Hungry Words :)

Also for your amusement is a cartoon version of me...
(alright, it's not really me, but it could be...)

Bonus - Double Feature

Last night we ended spring break 2011 with a movie.  But not just any movie experience... we went to a DRIVE-IN!!!

So much fun, so I'm showing lots of pictures.

The Brazos Drive-In is about an hour from home... but thanks to hubby's male ego we took the scenic route... so it took 2 hours and the help of my sister Siobain via mobile navigation to get us there.  I believe her first comment was "WHY are you going in the wrong direction?... I can't help if you KEEP going the wrong way!" So, finally the male driver listened to reason.

Fortunately the girls brought enough entertainment to last most of the trip. Honey was reading (she's always reading)  and Caitlin was trying to navigate by wand; she put hubby under a spell to listen to directions...

But we were millions of miles from our destination and she eventually fell asleep...

I woke her up when we got there... WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Ok, I love this picture.  This was our view for about 15 minutes while we waited in line.

We arrived minutes before the movie started and just before they filled. 
Some cars behind us were turned way, thank goodness for navigator Dozier.

Did I mention that dogs are allowed? 
This is my handsome boys first outing to the movies.  He was such a gentleman.  
He didn't bark once and let all his fans have a pat and a pet.

Here he is with Honey at the concession stand.

We had perfect seats! A clear view and our own sound system.

Unfortunately we arrived too late (male driver) to capture a picture of the field of cars and the movie screen.  A classic experience! It's just $18 per car (up to 6 people) for a DOUBLE FEATURE.  Last night was Gnomeo and Juliet and I Am Number 4.  Second feature was PG 13... so it was a gamble with the girlies... violence, language, and kissing. Not a movie I would normally let them watch but being out in the open was distracting enough for them that it was ok.

It was amazing to watch a movie under the stars and the "Supermoon" moving across the clear sky. A Supermoon happens about once every 18 years... Making this evening even more amazing.

I hope my local peeps take an opportunity to visit the Brazos Drive-In.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating 31, 33, and 37

We celebrated 3 birthdays today... Peter (31), Jason (33), ME (37).
 First time we could all get together with out spreading viruses.  

It was a beautiful day spent with all the people I love.  We ate lunch on the patio of Snuffers enjoying the weather and each other.  Little girlies had a table to themselves... they are growing up too fast!

Then we went around the square for some italian ice cream and listened to the singers in the park.  Little girlies danced around the fountain and big girlies laughed on the benches.

Perfect birthday celebration!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bonus - Sleeping Beauty

And Caitlin is pretty cute too...

photo by hubby

Spring break is one long partay here at the Medina casa. Caitlin has partied like she's already 8 years old! Don't know if we'll be able to keep up with her when she's 9. This girlies gone WILD.

Yes, I am super duper jealous of hubby. He has had the whole week off with the girlies. But Monday is only 2 short days away, bwahahahahhaha, and then it's back to hitting the books.

Caitlin is going through a phase where she only wants to go out on activities if Honey is going, "I'll be lonely without Siobain." This is kinda cute, but I'm ready for it to be over.

Copy That!

I've decided that throughout this year I'll share some of the lessons I learn.

1. You're never to old to photocopy your face.

Also, this is not a good angle for me... And I have crazy eyes...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girlz in the 'hood

The hubby and girlies couldn't travel far today because my new dishwasher was being put in today... (finally, after 3 failed attempts.)

I love this picture because I know that they really are, deep deep deep down, having a good time. But boy, I'd be afraid to run across these three in a dark alley.

I mean, they must be TOUGH to wear those sundresses when their mommy has FORBIDDEN it until SHE SAYS SO!

Peep this picture of my hommies in their
summer styll chilling my dog in da hood.
Dawgs totally dis their wanksta mommy by styll suckas.

Translation (per gangsta dictionary):

Look at this picture of my friends in their
summer cloths walking the dog in our neighborhood.
They totally disobey their gangster pretending mommy
by going out in these dresses.

BTW: so glad I had to look up words in order to create this translation... I hope I spelled it all correctly...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I don't know what she's looking at, but it must be amazing!

photo by hubby

Wednesday of Spring Break and hubby has FAILED his photo assignment again... coming home with 3 photos that clearly say "oh crap, I forgot to take any pictures. hurry girls, smile..."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yin Yang

Hubby took my girlies to the downtown library (that's a fun field trip for us.) This pic perfectly captures the difference in my two girlies.

photo by hubby

Missing Monday

Can't beleive I missed my a day of posting... I was so exhausted from my first day back at work. Guess I need to add "makeup day" to my list of contingencies... except I don't have any pics of yesterday.

Apparently it was an exciting day for the girlies though... library, putt putt, friends spending the night...

missed it all...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

He's The Man

My handsome boy usually shies away from the camera. But today he looked me straight in the lens.

Spring Break officially started today at 1:00pm when hubby got home from work. He's taking vacation this week, I was going to also, but that doesn't seem wise after missing all of last week... plus I am soooo tired. Doing nothing is exhausting.

So hopefully we'll see lots of fun photos this week of the spring break activities.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Walk like an Egyptain

Have I mentioned how ADORABLE my girlies are?

They had a great time with hubby today... music festival, movie, dinner and... some frolicking around the fountain.

I love this picture. Love it.

I think they had a perfect date.

photo by hubby

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Roof

Today they started repairing our roof. Brand new. Even put down new board(?)... apparently thats "extra perk"... and all paid for by insurance. I am a very lucky girl indeed.

For a much more amusing look at my day check out my handsome boy's blog, I Am Spartacus.

Here's the pic today...

photo by hubby

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost Her Marbles

Hubby and Siobain went to open house tonight. Wish I could have gone but I am now emitting a dragon mating call thanks to pneumonia...

Here she stands with her marble track... unfortunately she lost her marbles.

photo by hubby

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

Have pneumonia. Girlies and hubby taking really good care of me.

Sista Siobain sent this pic of girlie Kate this morning... she's growing up so fast.

photo by Siobain

Wish I had one of those footed sleepers right now...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Feeling worse tonight. Fever up again. Waiting for Care Now to call.

"Can you go take a picture of the neighbor's tree for me?" I ask of my hubby because I have a fever and don't want to get up except to go to the restroom. (Also, tree is in full bloom and lovely.)

"No, we should take a picture of you. This is your 'living' blog and the flu is what you are living now." Says the traitor.

Unfortunately I have no energy to fight him, even in my crabby crabby mood. So here I am, wearing my zebra glasses.

Monday, March 7, 2011

That Blows

Today is my 37th birthday! If you don't know, I l-o-v-e my birthday. It's all about ME!

That is why I am officially calling a birthday do-over.

It is impossible to be "annoying birthday girl" when you are stuck in bed with the flu. Apparently there was a charming birthday song sung this morning by my girlies and hubby... that I have no recollection of, but they repeated it after school... along with 37 spanks (ouch) and it was as precious as you would expect.

It compares in no way to this twisted song, sung by my sister... who knows that no matter how sick I am, March 7th is about ME :)!

I will say, this man did take very good care of me during this bout of flu... maybe I'll let him stay around...

Flu or no-flu, I love my birthday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freebee 2

Taking another freebee today. We all have flu-like symptoms at our house. No pictures worth taking... unless I were willing to capture the humiliating outfit I wore to CVS... which I'm not.

This is one of my favorite photos ever! My sister Sarah captured girlie Eleanor as the most beautiful snow angel. I think this photo was taken early February.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


The sounds of sick ring through my home.

Honey's coughing takes up the beat.
I'm feeling a little achy and crabby too and add witchy lyrics.
Hubby's still coughing (in recovery) adding an occasional strum.
Caitlin... is not sick... she adds a tinkle of laughter.

My handsome boy is trying to keep us all company... and is ready for a change.

Here, my handsome boy and my hubby... gaze lovingly at each other...

... wait, I hear the soundtrack in the house changing to birds chirping and sunshine singing...
I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
and a prince i'm hoping comes with this
that's what brings everaftering so happy
and that's the reason we need lips so much
four lips are the only things that touch
so to spend a life of endless bliss
just find who you love through true love's kiss

Hmmmm... it's like an innocent children's movie gone horribly wrong...

From Enchanted... (not sure which of my handsome boys is Giselle)

Friday, March 4, 2011

One Day

Such a good book. I've been listening to it on my way to and from work. 2 hours a day for 8 days. Finished it in the drive today. Crying like a baby in my drive way.

By David Nicholls, I recommend it to everyone. Watch out for that last bit, it's a heart breaker.

With dry scratchy eyes I've come into the house to get love from the only person still awake, my girlie Caitlin.

She's a doll and lets me cuddle her. I have to shower my love somewhere.

Such a good book, hope you pick it up and love it as much as I have.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sore throat
Runny nose
Body aches

And yet, she's still one of the most beautiful girlies in the whole wide world.

Honey was only able to read on her nook for about twenty minutes before my big girlie turned back into a little girlie. She "cuddled" up on the paper lined exam table and I rubbed her head while we waited for the Dr.

X-ray, breathing treatment, fever reducer, strep test, flu test and several "I want to go home"s later... we have a diagnosis... the flu. Nothing to do but get through it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Glorious Day for Old Glory

Popped out for lunch today and then didn't want to go back inside.

We have a huge flag flying at the office. On beautiful days with a light breeze it is mesmerizing. I could have pulled up a lounge chair and watched it for hours.

There are 23 flags that fly on my way home... it is very distracting on these beautiful days.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonus - Award

Soooo... I missed the biggest event of the year! My baby girlie Honey won an award for the video her class submitted to the 10th Annual Keller ISD Film Contest.

She got to walk up on stage to accept her award and give an acceptance "speech." THIS IS SO EXCITING! Hubby said it was very "Oscars".

So, of coarse we don't have any photos... but Michael bought the DVD and the official award photo and I will be posting it ASAP!

In the meantime, here is my amazing daughter and her award...

I learned a very hard lesson today, you can't un-miss an awards presentation. I hope I won't put work or PTA or anything else above that again. Usually, everything else can be re-arranged.


Wowza, today has been a blur of activity. I would still be at work if it weren't for my fabulous sista! Made it home by 11:00, just enough time to make my 365 photo entry!

Car was in the shop today.
Honey had an awards show, which I missed!
No ride home, so Sio picked me up on the way home.
Missed the PTA Board meeting.

One of the high points of my day was spending time with the Doziers. It was a blur of activity. In each photo either Sio, Kate and Auggie were a blur of movement.

Aren't they beautiful! At 9:45 Sio and I got into her bed to rest until hubby could pick me up. We both fell asleep for a bit. I woke up facing my sister and could not get over how pretty she is. She's got perfect features and perfect skin and she is a perfect mother.