About Living

January 2013

This started as a project for 2011, to capture, celebrate, and remember all the moments of the year 2011. I've become addicted to sharing the joyful moments and am continued the project into 2012, taking a personal break in November and December, I'm back for 2013.

In 2011 I found that I had to balance sharing my life through photos and stories and respecting the privacy of my girlies and family. Because I tend to share TMI there were some errors in judgement... but I think I've struck a nice balance. Some of the dish-iest content of my extended life does not appear on this blog. But most of my personal moments do... the awkward, the funny, the sweet, and even the sad.

I love this life. If you are reading this blog I hope that you can share my joy and find the same joy in your life.

The 12 people who regularly check in... thank you.

This has turned into my daily diary. Which I share because... I am a little egocentric? Maybe. But mainly I find my life amusing and think you might too.