Monday, January 23, 2012

Touch Me

Today... today... today... sigh.  Let me tell you a tale from yesterday instead.

Here is a true story... (name changed to protect the innocent.)

I was showing a friend, let's call her Ditsy, my MacBook and how it works.  Ditsy only has experience with PC computers but is aware of products like iPods, iPhones, iPads... yada yada.

I start with the basics. Here is the "dock" and here is the "finder"... instead of going to the "start" button come here... "close/minimize/maximize" are on the other side of the window... two fingers on the track pad will scroll...

So then it was Ditsy's turn to do some navigation.  "Okay," I say "why don't you select the 'links' folder on the desktop."

And she does this...

Sigh.  "Okay, it's not a touchscreen... so you have to click on it with the pointer." We both got a huge giggle... touch screen is the way she has interacted with all other Apple devices.

"Then why is your screen so dirty?"... she does have a point.

I would like to mention that "Ditzy" can do crazy amazing things with Excel and is very computer savvy. I just don't have a touch screen...

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