Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be Here

"Feet on the ground. Move them and feel the ground where you stand Kathleen."

Ground myself. Stop circling. Be here.

Sometimes I get worked up and a thought will spiral in my head, getting bigger and bigger. Can't breath. Can't move on.

But I'm learning.

Today a friend posted this on his Facebook wall. I like it.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dancing with Henry

I was the lucky girl who got to babysit Henry this morning! Normally Gorgeous or Aunt Sarah get to, but they were busy, so the aunt to be least trusted got him!!

We danced, we drank, and we passed out for nap! 'Cause that's how Aunt Kitty does baby sitting.

Swing, disco, mexican hat, tap, samba, and the charleston...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lunch with David

I had a great lunch with David Sedaris today. He loves having lunch with me because no one bothers him, it's like he's invisible to the world.

Today I was in the mood for Thai, David always lets me pick the place and I always pick up the check. There's this yummy cafe style place near work, Blue Ginger, and I love their Panang Curry (spicy x 2.)

So, David had me in stitches as soon as the waiter took the order. He launched right into the story about his childhood idiosyncrasies, A Plague of Tics. Yes, I've heard David tell this story many times but it still tickles me.

My snorts of laughter drew the attention of more than one patron, but really, I have to be forgiven when I'm with David. He's just too much!

The waiter interrupted David several times. I'd ask David to pause and then repeat the last 10 seconds, he always accommodates. Such an enjoyable lunch companion and the check was so cheap it was as if we'd only ordered one meal.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Little did I know when I woke up this morning that I would have such an eggcellent day! All thanks to Karen Rash.

My day started early... but not as early as Karen Germany, who drove 30 minutes out of the way to pick me up for work. I have great friends!

From there my morning was a bit rocky, nothing bad happened, it just wasn't smooth sailing. So I was really happy when the clock told me it was time for lunch. 

I ate with Karen, Karen, and Stacy. This is when I found out about the egg trick! Karen tried to buy a raw egg from our cafe but they wouldn't sell her one. I was so disappointed! I told them they couldn't do the trick until Friday 'cause it was going on my blog.

When it turned out that both Karens were going to be on vacation on Friday Karen Rash went out and bought eggs. (AWESOME!)

Here is Karen, right before this eggcellent, eggciting eggsperiment...

This made my day and I had to try it.  My technique was not as good as Karen's and when I got yolk all over my hand Karen Germany almost lost her lunch... tehe.

Some Egg Humor from BasicJokes.com

Question: Why can't you tease egg whites? 

Answer: They can't take a yolk.

Question: What happens when you tell an egg a joke? 

Answer: It cracks up!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rescuers and Rock Stars

Hmmmm. I broke the car today. Classic.

I'd noticed the driver's wheel trembling this morning on the way to work and called hubby. He was going to swap cars after work. But the minivan had plans of its own.

Even though it was raining I decided to run out and pick up lunch. I dashed down to the car because I never have an umbrella when it rains. I reversed out of the parking spot and then put the car in drive. A horrible grinding noise and the car shuttered... But the engine was running fine.

Park. Reverse. Neutral. Drive. Over and over I tried to get something to work, but just more groaning and death rattles. And I'm blocking the exit for this row if parking.

"Karen, I need you to come down and steer my car while I push it back into a spot." I said as soon as she answered the phone.

FOREVER later Karen came along... But with backup. Mike and Rico to the rescue!

"This is boy work" Karen said as she walked up to the car.

And even though I felt bad that they were getting soaked in the rain I was glad they were there. They gave me real words to use when I called hubby, "transition" instead of "bad noise."

Hubby made a lot of calls this afternoon, important arrangements for the car. I only made one call... Important arrangements for getting home!

The tow truck arrived at 4:30 and had my car loaded just in time for my sister to pick me up. (Bonus, I got to visit with Kate and Henry.)

We'll get a rental tomorrow afternoon. My good buddy Karen offered to pick me up for work in the morning, which is way out of her way. She's a rock star! I offered to buy her lunch... but she was already packing it... and sent me a photo. Tehe, but it looks yummy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hunger Strike

There was only one blemish on our vacation... one that caused tears and stress. Kitty went on a hunger strike at the vet.

I had been stressed about leaving Kitty and I'd even had a nightmare about her dying while we were gone, she's getting older. Plus we've never boarded her before. I called on Monday to check on her and they told me she hadn't eaten since Saturday but not to worry they were trying different foods to entice her.

Tuesday they force fed her and we decided to run some tests. Bladder infection, not an uncommon reaction to stress. We started her on medicine and also gave her a hunger stimulant.

Wednesday was a little better and by Thursday she was eating on her own again.

I am so happy we boarded with the vet. It was more expensive but worth it.

Kitty came home today. Hubby said she's been cuddly all day. She still had lots of cuddles and purrs for me when I got home... Now my family is all home, safe and sound.

Trashy Turns

I put my panties on in the driveway this morning. It's not as bad as it sounds. No, that's a lie. It is exactly how it sounds.

I took all the panties I own on vacation last week. I always over pack panties. I have a fear of being stuck without clean underwear. After our 20 hour drive I brought in the suitcase of dirty laundry and thought I would bring in the clean clothes suitcase later... Ya know, I just wanted to get started on laundry but wasn't up to bringing in everything.

Well "later" never happened. So I woke up this morning with all my clean panties in the car... And I was running late... And I was wearing an ankle length dress... So I thought, what's the harm?

I went out to the car, grabbed a pair of clean panties, and... Shimmied into them under my dress. Climbed into the car and was on my way.

Before I was off my street I ran across this situation... There should only be one home being trashy in their driveway at a time! Today was supposed to be my turn!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

We missed Spartacus so much that we asked my sister to pick him up from the vet yesterday so he would be home, otherwise we wouldn't see him until Monday.

She called to let us know there were storms in the area. Since Spartacus has weather anxiety the vet gave him a chill pill to relax until we got home.

He didn't punish us for being gone so long. He greeted us with a wagging tail and lots of cuddles.

Kitty is coming home tomorrow, we can't wait to see her too, she's just more complicated to transport.

Spartacus' view if his trip home us hi-larious!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cruise Control

Heading home at 70 mph, Florida to Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana to Texas. 18 hour drive without stops, but that's not possible so it will probably be 20 hours. We'll decide in Shreveport if we are going to stop for the night or keep "the wheels on the bus go round and round."

I didn't drive on the way to Disney but I drove a few hours this afternoon so hubby could take a nap. I learned how cruise control works today, boy that makes life easier, six years of cruise control wasted! I'm going to start using it on my hour commute.

Hubby has timing! As soon as he was snoring the rain started and as soon as he took the wheel over again it stopped. My sister made this drive home earlier this week and they drove through the night. I'm still giggling over her description of waking up to the sound of her husband slapping himself in the face to keep awake (she took over driving then.) I laugh because they are safe but thank God they weren't in an accident. We've promised everyone we will stop if we are not wide awake.

I'm so surprised that I've handled the confinement so well. Driving 5 hours to Sea World a few years ago drove me batty, I even got meds for this trip but haven't needed to use them.

Okay, truth be told I did go a little batty when it was my turn to drive today. The girlies where talking and laughing and I "Spearing-ed" them. Absolutely no fun allowed in the car while I'm driving. Too much stimulation for me. Do I calmly explain this to my girlies? No, that would be the sane thing to do, instead I yell "no more talking or laughing, it is quiet time!" This does not upset my girlies, they know I'm not mad, just overwhelmed. I put my iPod on and listened to Star Trek and half of a Harry Potter. It soothes me to listen to movies I know well, like listening to a favorite book but with music and sound effects.

It'll be my shift again soon if we keep driving... I think I'll listen to the movie Freaky Friday.

A P.S. giggle, I can hear Britney Spears' Toxic coming from hubby's ear buds. LOL!

P.P.S. Spearing is my maiden name.

Dinner Date

Last night I had a dinner date with an old friend, Kristie. My Texas childhood is filled with memories of our time together. If someone asked me to name my childhood friends there would be just two names, in St. Louis there was Jennifer and in Texas there was Kristie. Kristie and I only went to school together for 4th and 5th grade but she remained my best friend into high school. (I had other friends, but these were the two that I loved the most at those times in my life.)

I think my shyness and low self esteem played a huge roll in our growing apart in high school and then college, but I was not self aware enough at the time to overcome these obstacles.

Kristie's family was kind enough to meet us at the tourist cliche restaurant Planet Hollywood. As I saw her walking up the stairs I was amazed by how little she had changed from the last time we were together, in a Denny's, on her break from UT Austin, almost 20 years ago. Still so young and beautiful. Working at Disney must keep you young!

She has a very nice and handsome husband and two beautiful children who all clearly adore her. Her 6-year-old son is full of energy and curiosity and her toddler daughter looks like she's a cuddle bug. I wish I knew her better so I could steal some of those hugs she was giving her mommy.

Our visit was the perfect length with all the kids, my girlies anxious to squeeze in every last moment of Disney, but too short for me. So many things I'd like to catch up on, so much I'd like to learn about the person she's become.

I'm sure we had rough times but I only remember two, both caused by adults and outside the control of two little girls. The rest of our friendship I remember as close and comfortable. Comfortable being a huge compliment in a childhood I found anything but.

Kristie brought a photo she has kept of me with one of our teachers, I was proud of myself for keeping it together, I didn't ball like a baby :)

She also brought gifts for my girlies, ones they will never forget. Ariel asked her to deliver a signed photo of all the princesses and one from Mickey, addressed to each of my girlies.

I look forward to getting to know Kristie again, this was a highlight of my vacation.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pickled Fingers

Ahhh, last day at Disney. We have a lot to jam in to 16 hours. Oh wait, I forgot that I'm not gonna and they can't make me. Hubby and the girlies will be doing the mad dash while I lounge and read. Bwahahaha!

I hit the pool at 8:30 this morning and enjoyed several hours of a shaded pool. I look pickled! But such a wonderful way to start my last day.

I'm meeting the family and an old friend in Downtown Disney for an early dinner. I haven't seen Kristie in over... 15 years. That makes us sound old :) and I am so excited to see her and meet her family.

In the meantime I think I'll lounge some more and read my book.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1st Day of School

We arrived at Hogwarts today. They did a nice job. Hubby and the girlies loved it... And I probably would have too if there weren't soooo many people. I could not breath. After going through the castle and visiting Olivander's show I was ready to get out of town (get it? Out of Hogsmeade?)

Before I left the family to their wild rides we ate at the Three Broomsticks. I had a really yummy shepard's pie and some butterbeer! (neither girlie would try the butterbeer... Weirdoes!

I could not get out of there fast enough. In every store there is a capacity notice and they were never within capacity. The streets were a solid wall of people. Add the sun and the heat... You've got to be a much bigger potter fan than me to enjoy that scene.

Which my girlies are :)

Movie Marathon

By 12:30pm today I realized that the best way to "do" Universal is in the movie theater... fortunately they put one right outside the park :)

Sooo... I'll be in dark air conditioning watching Dark Knight, Bourne Something, and Total Recall while hubby and the girlies are in the sun and heat enjoying the rides.

The park closes at 9:00 and my last movie ends at 9:20. We'll meet at the car and head back to the hotel. Win win win win!

My Disney Parade

Yesterday was a relaxed day for me. While hubby and the girlies got up early for Magic Kingdom I slept in. It was wonderful. I read and watched a movie and enjoyed the air conditioning.

At 1:30 I headed out to join the family at MK for dinner in Cinderellla's castle. I entered the park just in time to catch the Dream parade.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ariel & Caitlin

Hubby surprised us with a dinner in Cinderella's castle... And it was a wonderful fairy tale. Disney trains their princesses well, they are all gracious and kind, but one has my heart forever.

Caitlin created a signature book with her own drawings of the characters (my sister's idea.) Well, when Ariel came to our table for a visit and photos she went page by page through Caitlin's drawings. Then she asked where the drawing of Eric was (Caitlin didn't draw any princes.) She told Caitlin to draw Eric tonight and then come visit tomorrow because he'll love the art too.

Sigh, and then she added a bubble to the drawing. Caitlin was in heaven.

Before I died...

So, I died today. Several times actually... fortunately I was brought back to life before the end of the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. I prayed the whole ride that I would not be dead at the unloading station. This ride devastated my sense of immortality so much that I had to leave the park immediately.

Fortunately after drinks and dinner I feel like I will live.

Before that death-trap-of-a-ride we went on Toy Story Mania. Now THAT is a fun ride! Caitlin and I teamed up against Siobain and hubby... We lost but had a great time doing it! I could have gone on that ride over an over!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This drink is for you!

I've got a blister in a slipper in a bar. Not for the faint of heart! But this yummy berry-tini is making it all better.

I probably won't go to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow... Unless a fairy-godmother makes my blister go away overnight.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beauty Sleep Interruptus

We had an exciting and unexpected ride tonight. An emergency evacuation from the hotel. I think you can tell a lot about what a person grabs on the way out in an emergency.

Siobain grabbed nothing and was in such a hurry she put her shorts on inside-out.

Caitlin grabbed her new Belle playset, purchased with her hard earned money, and Junie B Giraffe, we can't sleep without him.

Hubby grabbed his wallet and the room key.

I grabbed my phone... And my bag of pills. Nobody wants me to be without my meds!

It was a false alarm and we were all shuttled back to our rooms. Some folks had clearly already gone to sleep. And now we are tired too.

Before our adventure Caitlin was showing me the signatures she obtained for her book. Before we left home she drew pictures of characters and I bound them together. She'll get signatures here and we'll add photos when we get home. (This is a brills idea we copied from Sarah, the girlies get extra attention because of their artwork.)

Chasing Shade

After kissing the family and sending them off to park-hop I headed straight down to the pool. At breakfast I noticed the pool was completely shaded and I wanted to take advantage of it, but by the time I changed, kissed the girlies, and made it to the pool there was only 1/3 of shade left.

The water felt wonderful and I stayed in as long as I could... Heading east in the pool to stay in the shadow of the building as the sun rose, eventually ending up in the toddler wading area with just 2 feet of water.

Then I headed to a deck chair to read and enjoy the not-Texas weather. So nice and "cool" with a gentle breeze. I chased the shade to another deck chair and then at 12:30 had to give up on the pool... kind of. The hotel has a lovely poolside cafe that is completely shaded where I could still enjoy the fine weather and have black bean soup, a wedge salad, and a diet coke.

Now I'm up in the room for a little siesta before deciding, at my leisure, how to spend the afternoon.

Amazing that I stayed completely in the shade all morning and still have a bit of sun burn. SPF 50 for the rest of the week.