Monday, January 16, 2012

The Guitar Girlies

Hubby got us all guitars today!  The girlies picked out their own and hubby brought one home for me (big sale)...

So we are going to learn to rock and roll! Watch out world, here we come!

I love mine.  So beautiful! I was surprised Caitlin came home with a classic look... I thought for sure she would go for bright green :) Her's is the only one that is smaller in size.

We know the C chord  already :) Hubby will give us lessons on Saturday mornings and then we all have to practice every day.

Caitlin has learned the beginning of These Boots Are Walking... I'll get it on video to share as soon as possible.  Hmmm... I'll have to arrange for a blog concert video after a few months practice.

So.... truth time... Karen started me on the show Sons of Anarchy... I might be addicted.  I'm just saying. I'm about to be a bad-ass-guitar-chick who watches shows like Sons of Anarchy.

Sigh, who am I kidding.  The most bad-ass I'll get is a lick-on temporary tattoo...

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