Sunday, January 1, 2012


On this first day of the new year...

I usually find the first day of the year to be "high pressure"... I always want to start the year off right... and usually end up in my pajamas for most of it.

Today was no exception.  Except, (see what I've done here)... EXCEPT I didn't let myself worry or stress about it. It's okay for me to chillax.  To laugh with a friend about a rat. To get excited that He Said She Said is on Netflix instant stream and watch it immediately.
When hubby got home from work he needed to take a nap.  He was a "bit" irritated that the Cowboys' game was changed to a late start... this may not affect most fans but he has to get up at 3:00am.  His time has to be planned. (I hope they win. He gets really irate if he stays up late on a work night and they LOSE.)

Caitlin and I were evil though... we got on either side of him and looked at him like this as he was trying to go to sleep:

Totally creepy right?  He kept opening his eyes and we would just be sitting there, staring, with our eyes as wide open as possible.  Not touching or talking to him... until we couldn't stop giggling.
A friend of mine has an excellent blog, Dreaming In Scraps, and recently wrote a post about "one little word." Living a word instead of a list of resolutions for 2012.  I like the idea.  Love it actually.  I've been thinking about my "one little word" for a couple of days now.  I was having commitment issues.  Soooo many words to choose from :)

I've settled on "nourish"... I would like to make 2012 my year of nourishment.  My faith, my family, my friends, and myself.

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