Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Jokester

Very powerful allergy today. I think it's Cedar/Juniper keeping me hostage... but the forecast looks really good for tomorrow with the rain :) Yay!

I took all my prescribed meds, "stolen" meds, and OTC meds that I could.  But I was still too uncomfortable to function.  Tomorrow I'll call the dr. about getting shots.  One of my co-workers is doing that and it might help.

The family stuck close by my side today... I kept waking up to find someone practically sitting on me.  Apparently there were games played, movies watched, and jokes told in my bed all day long.  And football too, watched not played (thank goodness.)

I was stuck in the bathroom for a bit of the day.  My sneezes were more powerful than my bladder... I know some of you ladies know what I'm talking about.  So, I'm sitting on my still-new-to-me-toilet and I notice the jokester is at it again...

I have not been able to pin this on her yet, but I am pretty sure this "jokester" is little miss Caitlin.  These are Roommates Wall Decals, wall clings that are way to easy for the jokester to reposition.  This poor crocodile keeps getting a snake-on-a-stick shoved up his a$$.  

If this "jokester" is my hubby, which he vehemently denies, then he is being put on warning.  I would put a camera in there to catch this person if that didn't seem so.... wrong.

Instead, I reposition it and threaten everyone to stop.  

But they aren't scared of me.  At least the "jokester" isn't.  I'm a little concerned that Caitlin received the Harry Potter cling set for Christmas. We are going to re-decorate her room and I thought REMOVABLE Hogwarts decor was the way to go :) see, I try to be fun. Anyway, my concern are the WANDS that surely came in the wall cling kit... I hope they are permanently attached to hands...

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