Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Curly Girlie

Quick results post this morning...

Before we had even taken the pillow rollers out Caitlin said "I don't like the curls."... "Can you wait and see what they look like before deciding you don't like them?"

Some pillow roller notes: the girlies slept fine with the rollers in their hair and weren't bothered at all; the rollers stayed put through the night, and my girlies are sleep wigglers; there were no knots created by the rollers.  In conclusion... these are a really good roller option.

And my girlies hated the results.

This is the "let me at least take a picture" picture.
It was too much to force a smile out of Caitlin.

A view from the back.
Okay, this is after I tried to take out some of the curl for Caitlin so the curls were much more natural and not all scrunch at the bottom.

... and here is the braid that we did because Caitlin REALLY doesn't want curls.

I told them it was raining and the curls would come out anyway... but the vote is still a big fat NOT.  It is good to know how to get curlies in the girlies for special occasions though.

I think Siobain is going to be won over when she gets compliments all day long.

Off to work and school.  Have a great day!

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