Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fly Me to the Moon...

Siobain is addicted to this new game.  I've tried it out... not addicting. I am jealous of her iPod touch though.  I'd like to get an iPhone... I think?  Do I have the ability to NOT become one of "those people" who are constantly on their device?  Right now I can make phone calls and text on my phone... no games, no internet, no data plan... just a phone.

I do have an older version of iPod touch that can play movies, music, audio books... but it doesn't take photos, I don't use the web functionality and I only play solitaire when I'm stuck alone somewhere... I did put some games on it for the girlies but nothing I'd be interested in.

I use it every day for sure, audio books are great for the two hour round-trip to work. The one thing I wish it had was the camera... not because it's a good camera, but because it is easier to carry around than my Cannon...

I can just click... play... post...

... and have candid pictures of my girlies.  Here we are, lying side-by-side, belly-down across my bed and I am trying out this "not-addicting" game while she youtubes on my computer... (is youtube a verb? it should be.)  Anyway.  She is beautiful.  The sunlight is coming in from my bedroom window. She is happy. I take a quick picture.  I use the one "game" that I am quickly becoming addicted to... the photo filters.  It's fun! Make this beach lighting, a polaroid frame, add a little note.

These are not photographic skills... it's photographic games.  And that's what I want added to my arsenal.  I still want to use and develop "real" photography skills... but I want these quick and dirty tools too.

So... to iPhone or not to iPhone... Aren't I so lucky that this is the level of quandary in my life.  We are blessed.

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