Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Exhausting...

Not exhausted... but exhausting.  I even exhaust myself.  I don't know how my hubby and girlies can handle me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm also HI-ghly entertaining... but like a wound-up-monkey I'm better in little doses.

Today Caitlin was late to school again.  Like, really late.  15 minutes.  "Run as fast as your little feet can carry you" would not help this situation. This was a "Mommy, school just started and you are still in bed" kinda day.

After that announcement I was able to get to the car in my pajamas and sleep-hair-coiffure to do the drop offs.  Back to the house for a shower and I was off to work.

Everything seemed to get back on track once I got to work... Until I realized that every time I took a step my leggings slipped a little, pulling my panties down with them.

Ya know how old men hoist their trousers up? Well, that's what I was doing all day long... except I was wearing a dress. And I had to do a little jiggle because it was TWO layers of clothing that I had to repeatedly hoist up.

At one point in the afternoon I just thought f*ck it, how far can they fall... I will never-ever-ever test that theory again.  Because once they fall past the point of the "hip bone connected to the thigh bone" there is no going back.  It's a duck walk to the ladies room to fix that shiz.

HI-larious, right?

THEN I was walking down the hall and called into an office for a real quick question. Seriously, this could have been a 3 word answer.... but I kept those two poor men trapped in an office for a good FIVE minutes.  It probably seemed longer to them.

I've done a reenactment for your viewing pleasure...

Totally not kidding, That's how it went down.
I do enjoy my attempt at a green screen here and it's complete failure...
it adds a little something.

Before I left today Keith suggested that I have the girlies dump freezing ball bearings on me to get me up in the morning... and I'm willing to try anything.  But we don't have ball bearings (yet) so Siobain is going to dump these frozen glass beads on me instead.

I'll let you  know how it works out :)


  1. Video....there MUST be video of the events in the morning.

  2. I agree with Keith. There must be video!!