Saturday, January 14, 2012


Late dinner with the girlies. Kids eat free and the rest of us share, $9.00 "dinner"...

The two cutest girlies in the pancake house tonight! Hollar!!

Ummmm... Siobain kicked-my-a$$ in tic-tac-toe.  I thought this was a no-win game.  Apparently you have to pay attention... But I finally got her using her own strategy... "Hey, look over there!"

Siobain had some pancakes with her syrup... This was a full container when we arrived.

When we got home Caitlin had to discuss something serious with me. "You know how when I don't fit into something anymore you give it to Eleanor?"... "Well, I don't want you to give this Minnie Mouse shirt to her because I need to save it for my kids to wear, OK?"

So adorable. Okay.  Kitty (cause that's going to be my "grandma" name) will keep this shirt safe for her grandgirlies. :)

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