Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Escape Artist

In hindsight I see that Spartacus had this all planned... It happened so fast.

"Go to bed Spartacus" I said as we approached the front door. Standard routine for leaving the house... And Spartacus always heads down the hall to my (his) bedroom.

But today he did a fake-out, made a sharp left, took Siobain down at the knees and slid out the front door. I think we were all stunned for a moment, Siobain sitting in the open doorway... Spartacus gone from site.

He was standing in the neighbors front lawn, staring back, waiting for us to see him before he ventured further.

It was too pretty of a day. I knew we weren't going to win, so we all got into the car and I called out to him...

He was totally on fire today. Caitlin called him "Spartypants" because he was being such a smarty-pants. Usually he clamors to the front seat, making it easy to grab his collar and escort him back into the house... Today he went to the very back of the minivan, he was going for the drive!

Such fun! He was so excited and his good mood rubbed off on all of us. It's going to be a great day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iPhone Pinball

Addictive... But just not the same.

In the dark, huge, packed (and a little scary) basement of my Grandma's house was the best toy ever! A full size pinball machine!!

It was Uncle Denny's and it was awesome. He'd rigged it so that we didn't need quarters to play. I always felt a little... risqué when we played, it's motif included half-naked buxom beauties.

I visited Grandma for one week while I was in college. It was the last time I spent with her while she was still mostly lucid. I thank God that I had that special time with her.

Anyway, while I was there I so desperately wanted to check out the old pinball machine... I didn't, I felt silly seeking it out at that age, ha(!), an old college student.

Now, a week from my 39th birthday, I wouldn't feel too old at all. I'd open that door in the kitchen, turn on the light, clamor down the stairs, and plow my way to that machine.

Maybe that's what we'll do for my party, find a place with old-school pinball machines and have a battle.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Panty Malfunction

I was wearing a black skirt the first time I left the house this morning... When I got into the car I realized I'd spilled breakfast all over the skirt... Wardrobe change. Yeah, I knew that you could see my hot pink panties through my black/white striped skirt but held out hope that nobody would notice... Plus I was running too late to make a 3rd change.

My mood lifted, and I laughed very hard, when I received this email from my friend Karen:

As I was walking in to work I felt like something was happening with my skirt. I look down and everything looked ok from that angle. I keep walking…past the grassing mowing dude...almost in the door. That is when I realize I’m stepping on my skirt. My entire butt is completely hanging out. Thank God it was a long skirt. And thank God is was only the mower dude.

Hi-larious! I begged her to let me take a reenactment photo but she wasn't keen on the idea.

To round out our lunch group panty malfunctions last week Amy walked out of the bathroom with her skirt tucked into her panties and Stacy didn't realize she was wearing crotchless panties (some kind of dog incident...)

So, I l-o-v-e my friends and our malfunctions! Makes life much more interesting and amusing!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank you Neighbor!

Full-on panic set in as I realized, in the checkout line, that my wallet was lost somewhere in the mega store.

All the worst thoughts flew through my mind. I retraced a few of my steps and then with little hope, but many prayers, I walked to customer service...

...Where someone, a kind neighbor in humanity, had turned in my wallet.

Life is beautiful. This is a reminder to myself that hope, in Gods divine love, should always be strong.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Monet I'Mo-not

Get it? I know, lame. I'm taking cough medicine and I'm not the sharpest needle in the haystack.

... That was another lame joke.

I needed a break. I've either been working really hard or lying in bed trying to "rest" and get better. So, I took one of my many Groupons and painted tonight. Lol, I'm actually really tired now... And I didn't even have to think... It's paint-by-numbers but with an instructor.

As always it's good people watching too. My favorite place is Texas U Can Paint, check it out.

Love, Sisters

There was a some kind of breakfast altercation this morning... A quiet one since I didn't know about it until there were apologies made... And hugs given.

I love my girlies.


I've been sick one or two days a week for several weeks... Never with the same thing. Thanks to some friends and coworkers I'm able to see the humor in it.

Apparently I was such a sick grump at lunch last Thursday that my peeps saw a new side if Kathleen (that's me)... I sent them an apology jibjab video, hopefully they will eat with me again.

Nissa thought she'd alert any innocent bystanders...

(I especially love the awkward way she is standing... And the line dinosaurs on the wall behind her.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food for thought...

Ive been ill again, finally made an appointment with a professional. I was fascinated by two sites while waiting my turn with the doctor.

First, they fed the fish. None of them seemed very good at finding/eating the fish food... And then this one started sucking in pebbles. He'd take two or three at a time and then spit them out a few seconds later. I thought this was a brain damaged fish... But Nissa tells me that lots of fish do this.

As the fish was spitting out rocks the second site walked up to the tank. She was maybe three years old, adorable, and chatting away to a mother I couldn't see.

As I watched this cute little girl put her cute little finger in her cute little nose... And then put a "cute" little booger in her cute little mouth.

"Take your fingers out of your mouth" the invisible mother instructed calmly.

This gave me pause. I probably would have said "don't eat your boogers." But then I'd be embarrassed, my child might be embarrassed, and anyone who didn't already see it would then know that boogers were being consumed.

Her way was so much better. She could teach her daughter privately that boogers aren't food.

Food for thought...

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's all a blur...

The school "Friendship Dance" was a lot of fun. While the kiddos were going crazy in the gym hubby and I had a great visit with our friend Shawn. Plenty of hi-larity!

I didn't get to visit long enough with Dawn or Angie and I didn't see Shona or Kristi at all. I miss my PTS peeps.

1000 "Take our picture!" requests.. These girlies are crazy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

15 Minute Delay

Ha-shizzle! 40 minutes and counting.

Sooo bored... I'll make a video!

Klutz Love, Stair version

Sooo... My friend Nissa thought my Valentine photo would be much better if I was falling down the stairs...

It's not hard to convince me to do stupid stuff.

I was posing for a PHOTO but Nissa thought it would be funny to take a video instead. (Um, no, these aren't work stairs... They just look exactly like them.)

And THEN she gave me a present! I love surprise gifts! I mentioned in an earlier post how fashion fabulous Nissa is and that I need to get more scarves... now I have an adorable green one!

Love, Klutz Style

I wanted to wake up early and take down the Christmas tree as a Valentine present for my hubby... Yeah, you read that right, the tree is still the centerpiece of our living room.

But... I didn't wake up early. I was really looking forward to getting that space back too, boo. Anyway, I saw a photo posted on FB and decided to recreate it for hubby. Yup, I ripped-off this highlarity with the help of Stacy at lunch.

The before and after...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jumbo Love

Caitlin has worked really hard on her jumbo valentine card, handmade just for her teacher.

"Do you think she'll like it?" She asks.

"I think she'll LOVE it! I bet it's the best one she gets."... I hope I get one too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dark Days

The very best video I ever conceptualized was the first one I made. I wrote it, well, there was no dialogue, but I storyboard-ed it. I shot it, I think with a VHS camera. My sister acted in it, under my insecure directing. And then I edited it together.

All my angst was poured into that video. And then I had to show it in class. What was I thinking!

Such a predictable little story... at the end a bowl of pills.

I thought of the video because every night I take a handful of pills... my girlies are impressed that I can swallow them all at one time... And they keep the darkness at bay.

Today the darkness was too close, but I'm happy that the darkest days are less frequent...