Monday, January 2, 2012


Another day lounging at home.  My allergies are on attack today, bringing with it a migraine and a few sneeze attacks that are unexpected, strong, and disgusting... i'm just saying... the bonus is grossing out my girlies :)

Hubby was a rockstar today and got everything ready for school tomorrow.  He went to (a) work then (b) cleaned, (c) practiced guitar, (d) worked on script, (e) went to grocery store, and (f) fed the girlies. I... took a nap. Oh, I did read a little of a book too. But it wasn't even a learn'n book... is was High Five by Janet Evanovich... I love her "high-octane thriller, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum!" If hubby had read something today it probably would have something intellectual. Sigh, he wins.

I did manage to wake up from my nap in time to get some pictures of the girlies...

Caitlin in a box.
When I walked into the living room Caitlin was standing in this box watching Fantastic 4. (Oh yeah, I did a load of laundry too!) Anyway, she's standing in this box.  She doesn't know why, just "I fit in it"... the life of an eight-year-old.* It's a build-a-bear box if that gives you any reference to the size.

Siobain and her love, iPod Touch.
This is seriously the way Siobain has looked since Christmas morning. I'm worried her neck will get stuck in that position...

Okay, we need to address my new addiction to google's pixlr-o-matic.  I don't know what's going on with me.  I'm a total "natural photo" kinda girl.  Use it the way you shot it.  But I've been playing a little the last few days.  This star flair filter thing seems to fit this photo perfectly... because I think there must be something magical about this iPod...

*A small note about my littlest girlie.  She is eight.  I've been reporting her as nine... which makes me sound like a complete dumb ass.  She corrected me again last night. I don't know why I keep making her older than she is, if anything I'd like to report that she is a brilliant six-year-old and keep her younger longer.

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