Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be the Art

Such an exciting day!  All my girlies met at the Nasher today.

1 Gorgeous + 3 Medinas + 3 Sebastians + 3 Dozier = FUN!
(Unfortunately we didn't have hubby Medina or hubby Sebastian with us.)

Tony Cragg: Seeing Things
Nasher Sculpture Center

Okay, so I took a cabillion photos (357 to be exact) so I'm going to post a few more than usual.  My sisters vetoed posed pictures.  Sigh.  I do love to say "smile damn it." But I didn't really follow that dictate to the letter, I wanted the girlies "in" some of these sculptures...

Distant Cousin, Tony Cragg

 I love this view of the sculpture that captures 3 versions of us.

Bronze Crowd, Magdalena Abakanowicz
Siobain joined the ranks of the Bronze Crowd... I made her do it.
LOL once I zipped her up she was stuck and couldn't see... bwahahahahaha!

Super Stars, Cousins
I love that these two are always willing to strike a pose!

Stainless Steel Pillar, Tony Cragg
 I love that the tower looks kinda inverted in the reflection... Also love the yoga!
I'm getting back on the yoga wagon.

Outspan, Tony Cragg
 Fun! Girlies in the center!

I didn't get the name of the artist doing the demonstrations. (my bad)
Eleanor was willing to participate in the art process, love it.
My girlies were to "shy" but I think we'll try this string/ink process at home.

Congregation, Tony Cragg

Dice, Tony Cragg
 I asked the girlies if they would count the dice for me... no takers.

My mom is beautiful.  She IS Gorgeous!

I love this shot of Jason, the only hubby in attendance.

Because of the "no posing" moratorium this was the only group shot I could get.
(as they were walking away and couldn't yell at me... bwahahahahaha)

Kazoo Gang of Girlies!

I love that Target sponsors the "1st Saturday" at the Nasher.  Not only is it free but they also provide crafts, story time, a performance, a scavenger hunt and a prize.  If you live in the DFW area and haven't taken advantage of it, you should! It's great fun... and not just for the kids!

Okay, yes... I did use the pixlr-o-matic again. It's just too much fun.  I'm bummed that there are weird lines appearing on the bottom and sides.  Those ain't supposed to be there.  But I'm not re-doing these... well, maybe tomorrow.

Such a great day with the gang... even counting my CRAZY allergy attack. (I stole mom's flonase, don't tell!)

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