Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three Teeth

I have a huge distrust of dentists. The last one I went to said I needed 4 root canals... Even though I was in no pain. Then he brought another dentist into the room and it felt like a sleazy car sales.

I got one done (of the 4) and never went back.

I have been in such radiating pain this past week that I knew I would have to go.

I found a dentist I like. I had to find one that worked on Saturday... God is... Well, GOD. I think I had this pain so I would find this dentist.

He could not find where I needed root canals. Hmph to the other dentist. My pain was coming from my upper right wisdom tooth that should have been removed long ago.

We pulled all three out. I'm praying this will be the end to my migraines too.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

Hubby emailed this picture this morning...

Made my day.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Oh my goodness. I just finished the thirteenth Stephanie Plum novel... The trouble-magnet-bounty- hunter heroine of Janet Evanovich's series.

Stephanie loves her a Tastykake... And there they were, displayed prominently in the bakery of Tom Thumb.

Maybe the movie, which I haven't seen, has brought Tastykakes to the south!

I bought a cherry, a peach, and a lemon. I had skipped breakfast and had oatmeal for lunch... So I decided to eat the cherry cake on the way home.

Ha-shizzle. These are tasty PIES... Not cakes! Now I have cherry filling going the way of gravity while I try and steer the minivan.

But The "tasty" part is true!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Man of God

When I was overwhelmed.
And could not breath from the burden.
Praying silently.
God sent a man.
To say words I needed to hear.

And I know God is with me.
And this I can put in his hands.
I will work hard and improve in the ways that I can.
But I will put my faith in God to handle what I can not.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Boom-Boom MiniVan

Sometimes, this 38-year-old mother of two feels the need... to boom-boom.  That's right. Crank up the radio and vibrate the windows. At these times I really wish my minivan was decked out with extra bass and a neon under-carriage.


Today I boom-boom-ed at work too.  Nothing makes project updates more fun than Moves Like Jagger.  I even got a little Iko Iko in today.

Froggy joined me in my boom-boom work.


I've missed my "awkward" lately.  The awkward moments in my life provide me with entertainment and always give me a giggle.  So I was soooo relieved when I accidentally hopped a curb while dropping the girlies off to school today.  That's right.  In front of everyone.  Awkward.

Here's another awkward, just for me!  I am the stereotypical-cartoon-crazy-pms-woman!  And here is the picture to prove it!

Yup! A heating pad, wine, chocolate, and Pamprin.

The bear is symbolic ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Nice Things

Many people lifted my day today. But two people specifically...

Karen shared an awkward email with me. I love awkward... But she addressed it to Kitty. I teared up a little. I've wanted to be Kitty for so long. But maybe not the "Kitty" you would suspect. My desire to have that nickname is because of my love for that character on That 70s Show. Love her.

I tried to become Aunt Kitty with my nieces... But it hasn't caught on. Maybe with my little Henry.

And the tonight, during our N.I.A. meeting hubby stop talking N.I.A business and said " your hair looks so pretty." Spoken in such a soft, loving tone.

So I immediately took a photo of myself! Tehehehe...

The pink tone of the photo is because we are in the Pepto room... Soon to be reprinted!

Get Your Tacos!

Caitlin's fort has turned into a taco stand... Homemade construction paper tacos!

She has made several dollars (real ones)... 'cause her daddy is a sucker for his girlie.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Excedrin Migraine

I slept for most of the day. Migraine and stress make for a long nap with weird dreams.  I really need Excedrin to get back on the shelves.  It's the only over-the-counter medicine that works as well as my prescription...

A friend sent me a link to DIY Excedrin Migraine pills.  I should have tried it today. I'm going to stop after work tomorrow and get the "ingredients."

I woke up about an hour ago and walked into the living room to see my peeps watching Storage Wars. It's their new favorite show.

This explained the random "yuuuuup" in my dreams throughout the day.  One of the main "characters" of this reality show says "yuuuup" when bidding and hubby and Caitlin have started saying it randomly.  Apparently on today's episode they found a box of MAD Magazines that sold for $3000 and my peeps are all excited to see what hubby's box of MAD Magazines in the garage  is going to sell for. I'll keep you update.

Caitlin's really into making forts lately.  She's learned to use books instead of Mommy's Belleek as steaks for the blankets, unfortunately we learned this the "crash and cry" way. She's recently added umbrellas as part of her fort coverings.  Adorables.

Once I woke up we had a meeting of the N.I.A.  Today we were all given a token jewel for our membership.  Here is hubby... isn't he a cutie!

Back to bed.  It's going to be a good week.  Daddy always said "fake it 'till you make it!"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Totally N.I.A.

Hubby made breakfast in bed for me.  Wait... He didn't make it in bed. He made it in the kitchen and then brought it to me. I was in bed. So I ate breakfast in bed.

Whatever, it was a nice treat after a rough Friday. Lovely way to start our Saturday.

Next was guitar lessons.  This was a major review morning because we have missed too many lessons.  Cracking the whip!... A little bit at a time.  Caitlin was a little teary because her fingers are sensitive again.   My fault for not keeping everyone in practice mode. But I'm back.

Hubby tried to make Caitlin feel better by playing her mini guitar... it drove everyone away but me, and I wish I had turned on some lights!

Guitar Hero Dork!

Next up on the Saturday agenda was a meeting of the N.I.A!  Siobain and I were invited to join this week.  So exciting. Meetings are held in Caitlin's room on Saturdays.  The door opens magically (with the help of hubby) when Caitlin performs the secret knock with her pink umbrella. (Which looks very much like the Diagon Alley knock that Hagrid performs in the first HP movie.)

Once inside the clubhouse we learned what N.I.A. stands for, it's a secret. Caitlin called the meeting to order, she's the president.

I was in stealth camera mode, so this is the best one of the president that I could get.

There was some club business to take care of next, like the election of the VP.

I guess hubby is the parliamentarian because he advised Caitlin on motions and voting.

Spartacus was voted in as V.P.

We all have secret nicknames.
(Mine is the nickname that I've been trying to get people to call me for-e-ver!)


Hubby took the girlies out for the afternoon. I couldn't leave the house. I guess if it were on-fire I would have managed... two steps forward, one step back.  Otherwise I am really proud of myself.  I didn't get out of the house but I did get some stuff accomplished IN the house.  So that's something.  And I didn't wallow or sleep at all.

Well, I might have wallowed a little while I was watching the Hollywood version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo... I preferred the 2009 Denmark version. But that's just me.

Spartacus waited for his girlies to come home... and waited... and waited.  Poor guy.  Finally they were home... and pooped.  Caitlin drew a picture of hubby, I took a picture... and played.  Spittin' image!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jelly Belly

This morning I was down to my 2nd tier panties... not as comfy as 1st tier but not "last resort" panties either.  I went to stretch the band just a teensy-weensy bit to be more comfortable... and ripped the right side seam almost half the way down.

Sigh.  I just pulled my leggings on and left because, as always, I was running a tad late. It was a lopsided Friday all the way.  :)

Fortunately I have the best cube-neighbor ever!  Just one step away, two hand twists to the right and I've got a handful of Jelly Bellys!

Ya never know what your going to get... 
and sometimes you don't know until you pop it in your mouth.

( and sometimes a girl just has to spit it out)

Michael bank-rolls the beans, no coins required. Isn't that sweet!

No, I don't know what the deal is with the snake or the Santa face.

We're having a family night tonight.  Caitlin helped hubby with the dishes.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mad Men

I haven't seen the show... But from the commercials I gather that there is a bar in the office.

That would have been nice today... I don't know that it would be worth dealing with a rotary phone all the time, but... Maybe just for today ;)

In the back hallways of our 2nd building we have this wax figure that someone is always moving.... So he always scares the ha-shizzle out of me.

Ummm, yeah, my job is awe-some!!! Because I know everyone works with dummies... But mine is made of wax!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My girl friends have been talking about "threading" a lot lately.  "It's so much better than waxing or plucking!"

Robyn was heading over to get her brows done this afternoon and I decided to join her. Here's what I knew before I had it done... they use a thread... that and the comment above were about the extent of my knowledge.

We walk in to the... threading place... I don't know the name of it.  It is Indian owned and run and the women were very nice. There was a television playing bollywood music videos (which I secretly l-o-v-e.)

I was asked to sit in a hair-salon type chair and to scoot down.  Further down.  More, touch your head on the back of the chair.  Okay, to accomplish laying my head on the back of the chair I had to scoot my (large) a$$ off the chair.  I was hanging on by my tailbone.

She started with my brows.  Um. Ouch. Sneeze.

I had to stop her to sneeze.  It was a reflex.  I was really worried that for each... thread... I'd have to sneeze.  But I didn't.  Instead I laughed.

It was a laugh of pain.  A "I can't believe that I am paying someone to hurt me this much" laugh.  A "why am I torturing myself" giggle.

The nice woman asked "Are you ticklish?"

Ummm... I did not say "What the ha-shizzle? How could this tickle ANYONE!"... instead I just laughed again and tried not to wince.

As I was staring at the ceiling I was thinking that they should put motivation posters up there.  You know, 'You can do it!' or 'Breath through the pain!' But I guess that wouldn't be good for business.

Meanwhile I have started crying.  Silent tears streaming into my hair as gravity pulls them from the outside corner of my eyes.  Not sobbing, just some tiny tears.

"We do your lip?"

I've never done my lip before... but apparently it needed to be done.  "I'll need to wax first, you have a lot of hair."


More giggling. Another tear. She hands me the mirror.

I can't see anything with my blurry vision, so I nod and say thank you.

I'm a little dizzy when I get up.

I have really sensitive skin and these red marks lasted for about an hour and a half... while I was at work. The welts have become smaller... but I am still worried about what my skin might do tomorrow.

Apparently this is an ancient hair removal process from Egypt or India... a natural way of removing hair using only thin cotton thread.

A found a video online to share... in case anyone wants to try threading.

I will try this again.  Everyone says the first time hurts because you have more hair... we'll see.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That's Pimp

Siobain woke me up this morning... "do they cancel school when it rains this hard?"

Sigh, no. 

Even having to give Spartacus his anti-rainstorm-and-thunder-medicine I was still able to drop the girlies off on-time to school. Impressive!

But I didn't make it to work on time...

The traffic was at such a standstill that I was actually able to check my email with no safety guilt. (Usually I only answer and place calls.)

My morning started off pretty rough.  A man was in my office humming with rage.  I mean, I think he was actually emitting a hum from the vibrations of his muscles as he tried to stay under control.  To his credit, he never once raised his voice... I was a little worried about his face though.  He's a handsome man and rubbing on it like that can cause wrinkles.  Anyway, I was up to the task of fixing the situation (the deets don't matter, well, except that it wasn't about me or my fault... for some reason those deets always matter to me.)

But by 11:15 I had not been able to fix things.  So I needed to eat some texmex STAT (thank you girls!)  As we were leaving the texmex restaurant three things happened.

First, there were three women walking out behind us who heard me ask my friend frantically "Did you see naked women? I need to know if you saw naked women! WERE THERE NAKED WOMEN?"

Okay, I didn't know they were behind us and these questions were heard completely out of context.  Alright, they probably weren't out of context but I did NOT know anyone could hear us.  I made their day.

Second, this car...

... is sitting on the ground. At first I thought there were four flat tires... but no, it's a hydraulic-y car.  Pimp! We were NOT going to leave until I had a picture of this car. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good angle so we had to leave the texmex parking lot and go into the "gentleman's club" parking lot... which was a fun field trip. As we are driving back into the texmex parking lot, hanging out the window with my camera, we pass the same three women... who roll down their window, laugh, and say "Are you back to take a picture of that car?" Ha-shizzle YES! (You know I made their day!)

Third, I made the girls wait until I got the right shot.  I didn't care that we were blocking a car.  I have priorities... and Pimp is one of them.  Fortunately the other car ALSO found our shenanigans amusing.

BONUS, I received an email on the way back to work that the "situation" was about to be fixed!


Because I think this is funny... I'm going to share it.  I have a half-wall on one side of my cubicle.  It's convenient and helps control my claustrophobia.  There were three men talking to me over the half wall about projects for a bit. When they left I looked down at my keyboard... only to see...

... my shirt rolled up and one of my belly rolls chillaxing for the whole world to see.  I've taken this photo from their point-of-view so that you can really, really appreciate this post-awkward moment. 

A few rules to live by.... Always tell people when: 
- they are wearing a price tag 
- they have toilet paper stuck to any part of their body 
- their clothing tag is sticking out
- they have a booger
- food is on their face, chest, or lap
- hair is sticking up (unless it's clearly on purpose)
- any smudge, dirt, or marker on their face
- food or any object stuck in or on their teeth
- their zipper is unzipped, wherever that zipper my be
- if they have anything alien on their behind, not matter what it is

So, I emailed some girl friends this photo with the note that ONE of these three guys could have said something along the line of "pull your shirt down."

Later that day... Little Miss Stacy was with me and in the short amount of time we were together she kindly told me THREE times that my shirt rolled up.

Burning the shirt! Keeping Stacy!


Caitlin has to read everyday for homework... sometimes we are distracting :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Raining Mickey and Mouse

I love little umbrellas. I have since I was a kid.

We are all safe and dry in the house with no need to go out in the rain.

That's the best time, according to hubby and the girlies, to have a Doctor Who mini marathon.

If I hadn't been pushing when they were born i would question their maternity :)

So here is Caitlin's Mickey Mouse umbrella in the rain. I love it!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

PJs Beatle Style

I don't buy comfy girly pajamas for my girlies anymore... They just want hubby's t-shirts.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today... I had fun!  First time in a long time that I was able to NOT think about breathing and/or sleeping.   After getting a triple haircut (me and my girlies) we drove over to visit with Gorgeous.

Gorgeous is recovering from major foot surgery... it's an awesome frankenfoot now.  Anyway, because I've been so ill'n we haven't been able to stop by for some chill'n. Yup, I wrote "ill'n" and "chill'n," I am definitely on the road to recovery.

Caitlin suggested a game of Sorry after we ate dinner.  I think we were all "meh" but she really wanted to play.

So. Much. Fun!

Siobin... is evil when it comes to Sorry!... and she is not "sorry" at all!

Gorgeous broke out some M&M treats for game time.  M&M candies will always remind me of my grandmother, Gorgeous' mom, and I think the tradition will continue. I hope they still have M&M candies when I'm a grandma.

Honestly, Gorgeous doesn't seem old enough to be a grandma.  My grandma was old for-ev-er! Totally fun and awesome, but old!  Gorgeous was right when she said she wasn't old enough to be a grandparent... of coarse that was 13 years and six grandchildren ago :) I think she's adjusted.

I love this photo for two reasons.  First, because right after I gave the camera to Caitlin to snap some photos of the other side of the board (us) Honey and I started wrestling over a game piece. I let my inner child come out when we play board games. So this is the best picture there was of the two of us. Second, do you see the open mouth and straining neck on Honey?  That's a Spearing girl laugh. It's obnoxious and loud and totally un-lady-like.  This is the way I laugh. And this is how both my sisters laugh when they think something is really funny.  I love it and it brings me joy.

After Siobain "sorry-ed" all of Caitlin's pieces... Caitlin ended up winning.
I thought I had it in the bag!

We weren't ready for the fun to be over and Caitlin suggested Monopoly.  I wasn't ready for the fun to last three days so I counter offered Yahtzee. (The game with bonus math skills practice.)

Super Siobain did not win.

Gorgeous did not win.*

That's right, I won after scoring two Yahtzees! 
Gorgeous suggested I buy a lotto ticket on the way home.

See, all I needed was some time with my mom to start feeling better.

*Okay, Gorgeous is gorgeous and so I have to remind everyone that she has a frankenfoot and would otherwise not be in a recliner with a walker in the background.

Friday, March 16, 2012

While I was Sleeping...

"You must be dying because you haven't posted since Monday." I've been tired. I made it through Monday and Tuesday but worked half day on Wednesday... Sleeeeeeep.

Then, I (TMI) had a nice vomit incident on Thursday afternoon.  Aside from the drama of (1) vomiting; (2) vomiting at work; (3) standing 'nekked' in the third floor ladies room wandering if I could just lay down on the cold tile... there was also the frustration of ALMOST working a full day.  Arg.  So close.

I'm so glad I took a vacation day today. Rest, relax... no embarrassing vomit situations. (Although Caitlin did give me that "you are so gross" look this morning... but that's just bonus baby!)

Time is ticking while Kathleen is sleeping. (I really wish I could have rhymed something with "ticking.") Anyway, it's spring break and the girlies and hubby have not been wasting a moment! Well, hubby has taken some moments to cuddle me and make me feel better... but that's in between the fun stuff!


Mostly fun stuff... I was a crabby pants when I got home on Tuesday.  I threw a hissy fit because Honey had a graphic of a gun on her shirt.  "Pick your battles," I know, but in my weakened condition and having a gun "pointed" at me really... set me off.  Electronic freebie night to make up for that...

Caitlin's masterpieces using Hubba Hubba:

Caitlin, Hubby, Kitty, Hubba Hubba

Siobain, Spartacus, Me

Siobain worked on this animation on her NintendoDS.  It's not done yet, but it's awesome... even though I don't like the music...


Goin' to the Drive In!  Hubby and the girlies checked out a new (to us) drive in on the other side of town.  They reported back that it is better than the one we usually go to.  Siobain was awesome and made sure there were photos taken.  I think she did a really great job.

Apparently there is a mini golf course there too... with a Sponge Bob... I do love photos with statues. No really, I do.  Hubby makes fun of me.

My favorite photo is of the girlies playing with the speakers.


Grrr... Hubby played at open mic. No one took pictures.  There will be punishment especially since everyone was laughing about what a great time they had.  Cruel.


And that brings us up to today.  Caitlin made this wheel, it says "horn" in the center, and made Hubby be the car.  No major crashes but I think the blue book value for the hubbymobile suffered today.

Honk if you're adorable!

They just got back from the museum... 

They only took a couple of photos... but they brought me ice cream, so we're good.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bed Haiku

Bed, how I missed thee
whistle, nay cough while I work
home to you I run

It was a long day at work.  This is hard to believe, but it was the first time in 7 days that I had really spoken more than a couple words at a time.  Talking makes me cough.  All the coughing gave me a head and stomach ache so I skipped lunch and took a nap on the nurse's bed.

Yeah, we have a bed at work. Love it!  And I snoozed for an hour.

There were several bright spots in my day, including a birthday present waiting for me!

My pictures don't do these gifts justice!  I love handmade cards and Robyn's are so beautiful.  I don't know if she knows that buttons are my very, very favorite embellishment or if it was just birthday luck that she gave me this card!  (I already told her that I was probably going to re-use in my scrapbook because it is so fantastic!)

Plus, a goodie bag of MORE scraptastic embellishments.  So excited!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear TOA

There is a great little Asian restaurant in my neighborhood.  And it delivers sushi!  So, they've got me on file for when I'm home alone and no one can veto dinner, like tonight. (No one else in my family likes Asian cuisine, sigh.)

I have no complaints about their service or food. In fact, the Mongolian Beef with extra scallions I had tonight was delicious.

BUT... they need a new script writer for their fortune cookies. (I know, they buy them from a company, so  THAT company should get some new writers.)


... is a little creepy.

"Someone is watching you from afar" is not gonna sit well on Mongolian Beef.  I'm just saying. And then if you are playing any of the fortune games it just gets worse... "in bed"... "behind you"... "going to the bathroom."  Okay, I made up those last two... but it segues to my next photo (screen grab, what-evs).

I'm playing DrawSomething with a friend and this is the 1st of three drawings I received for this word.

The next one was of a man urinating and the third was of a dog urinating.  It took me forever to spell out p-e-e because I am soooo high-brow.  Tehe.

It's a fun game.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crabby Pants

I was/am a crabby pants today... I think because I had to go out in the rain.

Do you know who is NOT a crabby pants? Me beautiful Caitlin!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Puppet Master

Hubby is the puppet master.
The king of all wacky, tacky and true hilarity in our household.

He recently decided the family should watch the Muppet Show and ordered the first DVD from Netflix. Here is a photo of them watching the show...

Couple of things... but first I have to say that this is a SOFA.  Like, it fits three 200lb men comfortable, I assume, because I have home invasion issues. Anyway, there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out... but these three always sit like this... all crowded up.  I don't get it.

Second... Muppet Show, ain't "haha" funny.  Clearly demonstrated by the photo above.

Third... Even if it isn't a "haha" show, these three look like they are watching Bambi lose his mother.  Except Honey, she's got an evil smile. 

Fourth... Caitlin reminded me of the iconic Les Miserables poster.

Do you see it?

After they watched some good old Muppet fun I was visited by some old friends...

(Hubby and Caitlin)

Lucky! I caught their second act on video!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Geographic Tongue

Back to the doctor this afternoon... for the last time, yea!!  I've been given a "much better" bill of health.  Get it? Not a "clean" bill of health 'cause I'm still sick... anywho. I can return to work on Monday.

I sound better and look better. Ya know, on the inside.  'Cause I am a great big give-up on the outside.  You see the bottom of this photo?  What should be the top of a shirt? Or dress? Nope, those are my pajamas.  Yup, I went there. Well, I put pants on. And a jacket-y thing.  But still. Pajamas.

I'm really looking forward to feeling better.

You can tell I feel better because I took photos :)
(instead of lying down and whimpering)

So even though I don't have to go back for another check up, unless something doesn't feel right, I still have to do another month of breathing treatments. Well, 25 more days anyway. 

I found out a fun fact during this illness episode.... I have a geographic tongue!

I have always been self-conscious of my tongue... cause it's ugly.  Not only is it weird looking (geographic) but I also have scars from a nice big bite when I was little.  But know that I am one of the 2% of people on the planet with a geographic tongue I feel... still self-conscious.  But I have buddies out there somewhere.

The geographic tongue would explain why I have immediate reactions to some foods (jalapeno incident with Beth) and why my tongue looks different from day to day.

So I came home and told hubby that I am not a complete freak of nature... 2% of the population are freaks with me!  And do you know what he said? "I think I have that too!"