Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally asleep... Wide awake

Caitlin had a nightmare tonight... last night?... a few hours ago.  Crying and shaking at 3:00 am.  A sleepy response of cuddling and soothing noises wasn't going to cut it.  She wanted mommy wide awake and watching out for her.

What was your dream about? Can you tell me? I'll help make it better.

"Can I whisper in your ear?" okay, this dream has seriously scared her.

"Someone killed a boxer. I don't know why I would have that thought?"

Wow.  That is scary stuff.  A dog killed? What does that mean?  She's supposed to be laughing and playing in her dreams.

So we turned on a movie to get the thought out of her head, she was afraid to go back to sleep.  Wanted to cuddle but needed to face away from me so no one could sneak up behind her back.

Two hours later she's finally asleep... and I'm wide awake... Can't go back to sleep because the risk of over sleeping is extremely high. I think Caitlin will be sleeping with us for a couple of nights.

I've gotten some work done, which is good, a head start on the day... but my a$$ will probably start dragging mid-afternoon. Caitlin will probably have a rough day too, but I hope not.

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