Monday, October 31, 2011


That thing... you know. It's that thing that has the circle lens in front and a button... you look through a hole and sometimes there is a flash.  Jeese... what is it called... it takes pictures so that memories can be captured and kept.

OH YEAH! It's a C-A-M-E-R-A!

Here it is!

I don't like halloween, the only thing it's good for is a good picture.  So I was super disappointed when hubby forget to bring it from home.  Although we always have so many cameras flashing at one time the kids don't know where to look... so it was a little less confusing for them.

I'll have my sister's send some photos tomorrow.  All the girlies looked great and had so much fun.  I stayed with my girlie Kate and she let me hold her for a long time. There is a great photo of my hubby and my bro-in-law, can't wait to post it.

The Dozier's were again the hosts with the most! Their neighborhood is great for halloween. At least 150 kids came by.  Crazy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Devil in Me

I'm listening to The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, performed by the author.  I've never read it before but have seen the movie several times. It is a frightening movie... and the book is just as frightening... I'm four hours into the 12 and expect the book to exceed the fright of the movie.

He has a wonderful way with words and his performance is amazing.  There have been several lines worthy of writing and keeping. Someone told me Blatty was a stage actor and it is easy to see.  I assume his intimacy with the story lends an even better performance.

My husband gave my sister the book as a Christmas present the first year of our marriage. She refused to let it in her house. I don't blame her. I listen in the car when I drive, usually to and from work, two hours a day.  In the daylight.

Tonight I listened on the way back from Arlington, in the dark.  A different experience.  Closed in the darkness of night, in the car... I actually got a little nervous that hands would grab me from under my seat.

Silly of me. I laugh at myself.  But I do believe in the devil.  I believe in God.

I love my therapist and that she helps me with my faith as well as with all the other issues I'm struggling with. That following God is the way out of my struggles.  Faith in him because He is strong. Struggling to "fix" things on my own, without Him, is insulting and prideful.

My struggles are the devil turning me from God.  Does that sound kooky?  I may have thought so in the past.  But when Vera explained it, I believed. I've been raised Catholic, and I believe in the church, but it is a non-Catholic that is bringing me closer to God.  She respects my religion.  And I respect hers.

I was ashamed that I had not been active in the church. That I had not made time to incorporate mass as a regular part of our life.  I had not felt worthy of God or his help.  Vera laughed, not at me but with me somehow.  God will not turn me away, he was waiting for me to come to him. He wants to guide his children and I am worthy, He made me. He loves me. He shows the way.

When I can not handle what life has given me, no matter how small it may seem to others, I give it to God. He is strong. Stronger than my mind can imagine.  Worry about this for me God, I cannot handle this alone.

I ask Him to guide me in my decisions. Guide me from the grasps that the devil has on me. An exorcism I do not need, thanks be to God.  But the devil still tries to grab at me. With self doubts, self hatred, and inner turmoil... some specific in nature and some general. I'm working on these things.  With God and with Vera, who God has sent to help me.

I'm rambling... but this is what The Exorcist has made me think about. I've taken this picture, partly because 'tis the spooky time of year... and partly because there are still "demons" to fight within me.

I have faith in God.
And will follow Him to peace and glory.
Expelling the devils hold and my negative thoughts.
Because the Lord loves me, his child.
And His strength will bring me home.

I can feel the healing.
Even as I feel the struggle.
Keeping the good and cutting away the bad.
Keeping the core of me, my personality, but letting go of the hatred.

I'm a long way from home but know my destination.

I am not "born again" but understand the sentiment.
The peace and exhilaration of feeling Christ in my life.
He has been there and I am close to him again.
I have always believed but now am awakened and worthy.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quiet House

I'm home alone tonight.  Aunt Maria invited the girlies to the Bugs Bunny Symphony tonight.  It's sold out for the weekend and I hope they are having a wonderful time.  Hubby got to join them at the last minute because his other sister had to cancel... so I'm home alone... on a dark Saturday night...

...And having a great quiet evening.

Hubby forgot to take the camera with him (grrrr) so I decided to go out and take some night time pics of our 4 inch skeleton....

creepy dude

just hangs on our bat fence all day and all night

waving "hi" to all the passersby

So after I came back inside and started loading the pics the doorbell rang.  Spartacus and I jumped a mile high!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Caitlin, Landscape Artist

Today Caitlin had to dress up as her assigned vocabulary word, landscape.  There were so many directions we could have taken this project.  She could be a flower, a tree, all sorts of bulky options.  But I think we settled on the BEST!  A french landscape artist! Isn't she adorable! Thank you Aunt Sarah!

Mrs. P said "Your costume is AWESOME!"... so a huge success all around.

The landscape in the frame was created by Caitlin.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sneak Peek

Caitlin has a big project due tomorrow.  She has to dress up in a costume for her assigned vocabulary word. Aunt Sarah helped her brainstorm a fantastic costume. Here's a sneak peek... and my girlie is peeking back at you!

Caitlin can't wait to show off her costume tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girlie Sandwich

a girlie sandwich
 warm love on both sides of me
sleep dream breath kick ouch

I am so lucky.
God is here for me.
It is so easy to see.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Historian

Siobain has to do a project for the history fair this year. Her topic is "Society's Reaction to Television." Her first interview was with Catilin this afternoon... someone who does not know life without television, or remote controls, or instant rewind, or DVR... but she's a cutie.

Siobain has some hard hitting questions...
Do you like television?
What are some positive aspects of TV?
How much time do you spend watching per day?
and many more...

I think her interview with Gorgeous will be more revealing.

Caitlin loved being interviewed.
Although she did utter "umm" a lot.  But most kids do.

Caitlin didn't want the interview to end.

The Historian
Not quite the same look as The Thinker...
... a little nerdier.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Girlies of the Corn

One of the highlights of our evening was the corn maze.  It looked so deceptively simple... but after 30 minutes I just wanted out! I really had no idea where we were... sometimes I could see a street through the corn and I just wanted to hop the fence, trample the corn, and grab some alcohol :)

The girlies had a GREAT time!

Caitlin and Eleanor were ready for a fun "scary" time!

Mia was so cute with her horse flashlight!

I had them cornered and they had to take the pictures I wanted.


One more with smiles!

After 30 minutes Mia was ready to ride in style.

5 little pumpkins

Last minute get-together this evening... and so. much. fun!

We all met up at a pumpkin patch that had tractors, pumpkins, food, playground, farm animals, and even a corn maze!

I totally bribed Honey before we left.  I bought her 32 "vocaloid" songs for her iPod.
So she smiled for me :)

I love this big wheel.  There is a huge corn maze right behind them.

Ummmm... these two squeeze my heart.  They don't care where we are...
as long as they are together.

This old truck is awesome. So hard to get a "turn" for pictures.
People should control their kids.
Yes, apparently I'm a grumpy old lady.

This is the only smile I got of Kate all night.

Howdy there! Take a look at the ears on Caitlin!

"Ummm, are my parents really doing this?"
She gave a great big yawn after this photo.

What a pretty family.

I caught the rockstars in the hay house.
(note that I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get in there)

The girls were running and skipping around this huge field.
(Honey was listening to her "vocaloid" on her ipod)

dosey do

So it may seem like a lot of photos... but I took over 400... 
and need an entirely different post for the maze! Coming next...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Color for Fall

Time to wash the grey away... again.

I have to go about every 6-7 weeks.  I was asked by a co-worker earlier in the week if I had missed an appointment :) My freak grey streak was showing.

Today was a beautiful day.  Sunny and a perfect temperature.

I picked up some starbucks for myself and Candace, colorist extraordinaire.

My venti chai frappuccino was deliciouso!
Although Candace's pumpkin spice latte smelled pretty good too.

The salon was decorated for the fall season.

These are the best seats in the house.
I wish I could get someone to wash my hair everyday...
... and someone to rub my feet too.

Autumn is awesome!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Catfucious Says...

When you are stuck in bed with your ass in the air
you should use your time wisely and pet your cat.

Seriously. Hemorrhoids blow. I've never had one before...
... but I will buy a donut pillow for work if this doesn't get better.

Pet me, I will make you forget your ass.

Kitty kept smacking my camera with her face.
She really thinks petting is the cure here...

Spartacus would like it known that he has also been by my side all day long...
... but in a more supportive and less demanding way.

Cats and Dogs

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Books & Magazines

The giant sized holiday edition of the American Girl catalogue came in the mail today...

Magazine courtesy of Gorgeous.
Thanks... for all the ideas that are about to go on the "Santa" wish list.

When wishful shopping is done a girl's got to read her chapter book too.

I think Caitlin can really identify with Junie B. Jones.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunshine and Roses

Hubby and the girlies went for a bike ride tonight.  I really wanted to join them but for two things... 1) the "bike" incident of summer 2010 still gives me nightmares (I think there is still video of that floating around); and 2) ummmm.... I've got issues down south.  Not sure what they are but I'm pretty sure a bike seat won't help. (This is new for me because usually I'm sunshine and roses down there...)

Once issue "2" is resolved I'll look for a bicycle for a woman "of size"... I'm sure they make them.

For sure when I get my bike I'm going to have sparkly streamers like Caitlin's.

Siobain's bike had a low tire so they had to get it filled before their ride.

General Rule... 
If there is a picture of Siobain looking and smiling at the camera...
then I probably just said "SMILE DAMN IT!"

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.
-- H.G. Wells

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hogan History

We were so lucky to have Aunt Colleen and Uncle Denny in town this weekend!

They came in for Kate's 1st birthday party, which was yesterday...
... But today we just chillaxed at Gorgeous' tree house.

The Hogan kids... Ginny is the oldest, then Denny, Colleen, Marie, Joan (Gorgeous), and Eddie. Having three of them together was so much fun... and so informative.  I spent the afternoon laughing and fascinated with tales of growing up Hogan.

My Grandma was considered an old maid when she married my grandpa... at the ripe old age of 25... 'course their marriage was secret the first 2 years because they stayed home to support their families during the war. But the gig was up when Aunt Ginny was born.

Mom, Colleen and Denny all remember their first home, a 4 plex... two queen beds and a crib in one room, a living room and a kitchen... Grandma and Grandpa, 5 kids and one more on the way.

Then they had to move up to Red Bird (I think that was the name of the street) where there were 3 bedrooms! Talk about more leg room!  Ginny and Colleen shared a room; Mom and Marie shared a room; Grandma and Grandpa with Eddie in the crib; and Denny in a converted walk-in closet.

Apparently their house was THE place to hang out.  Slumber parties every weekend... and the best food around. Always a ham in the fridge, stew on Tuesdays, chicken on Thursdays, spaghetti and potato pancakes on Fridays, pot roast on Sundays... and friends always welcome.

Grandpa was a fireman, 24 hours on and 3 days "off"... but when he wasn't putting out fires he was working in his father's bar and helping support his 9 younger sisters.

The family got their first car when Denny, the oldest, was 18. If they couldn't pay in cash... they didn't buy it.  Sounds like Grandma and Grandpa were brills for two people who left school after 6th and 8th grade.

And so much so much more... I can't wait to sit and grill them with questions and beg for stories again.


Meanwhile... goofy princesses were up to... probably no good :)

Such a great weekend!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm A Burrito

My two girlies closest in age are Caitlin and Eleanor.
I love how much they love each other.

Cousins Forever, Friends Forever


They took a break from Kate's birthday party to make a song and dance...

I don't get it... but I'm old.

Handmade by Jason

So, apparently there is a super star party planner in the family and HIS name is... Jason! I seriously think he should start a business.  Not only were his decorations fantastic but he is also the host with the most!

So yes, this should be about Kate... but that will have to wait until after we take a tour de hungry caterpillar party.

Guests were welcomed at the door by the very hungry caterpillar.
(Handmade by Jason)

The cake balls were the centerpiece to remember!
(Handmade by Jason... and delicious!)

Here's the cake I made... pales in comparison to all the Handmade by Jason items.

Another caterpillar partied with us indoors.
(Handmade by Jason)

The yummy spread in the kitchen features...
a very hungry caterpillar table cloth
a happy birthday banner
(both Handmade by Jason)

Kate's special very hungry caterpillar bib.
(Handmade by Jason)

The two stars of the show!
Kate and Jason...
And the very hungry caterpillar barrette.
(Handmade by Jason)

Yes, I'm jealous of Jason's rock star party... Yes, he is now in charge of all parties.

Now I'll talk a little about Kate.

Time to open presents with mommy!
Kate was so funny.  Just when she got interested in a present it was taken away from her so she could open the next one. She kept trying to crawl towards the fun pile.

Best gift prize goes to grandparent Doziers.
Now we all want one... and we want Siobain to push us in it.

Kate seemed to like Aunt Kitty's cake.
It was a wonderful day enjoyed by everyone!


Special note.  For those of you who will want to out-do Jason with an even better very hungry caterpillar party... request all the guests wear a green shirt and put the birthday boy/girl in a red one.

Here's a sample... totally unplanned... of our hubby's... the hungry caterpillars.

Jason, Peter, Hubby