Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mommy Dearest


I've been home sick since Sunday... after a very exciting (outdoor) trip to the Nasher this past Saturday... where the (evil) cedar pollen filled the air... allergies, topical tissue infection (because of misused nasal spray, how stupid can I be), sinus infection, and... and then... and then I'm reminded I'm a female of childbearing age... and all the sh*t that comes with that reminder.

Yesterday Caitlin came home and said "I don't have lice! The nurse checked us." Yeah (OMG) it's lice season. Ummm, we suffered through having lice once... and now everyone suffers to guarantee we don't get lice ever. again.

Safety Mommy

The fist step in keeping lice out of the house is clean hair, easy, we wash our hair every day.  The second step is a reminder of precautions to take at school: no sharing hats, scarves, headbands, rubber bands, ribbons, barrettes, or jackets; no touching heads, maintain a 6 inch distance from all other children; no playing with hair, not yours and not theirs...

"No biting friends hair?" asks Caitlin
"Have you BEEN biting friends hair?" siobain and I asked simultaneously.
"Nooooooo..." says Caitlin.  Mental head bang.

The third step is french braids... no flowing hair getting into trouble.

Mommy Dearest

All set to leave for school/work... and on time.  Dragging a$$ a little bit because I still don't feel good but ready to face the world, plus big meeting this morning.

Oh wait, goody, time for a quick photo of the braids and I can do a "lice fever" post. 2 birds, one stone... bullet.

Really? This photo turned me into a raging maniac.  How hard is it to squat so that they are the same height? They are facing AWAY from the camera and I still get so much attitude? They don't even have to smile! Where are my wire hangers!

Seriously two minutes of bat-sh!t-crazy-mommy-dearest because "no one can make a moment of my life easy" and "why so much attitude? do I not do enough for you" and "don't look afraid of me" and then finally...

"Oh my God, I am so sorry."

I think I returned to normal for several hours at work.  I left as early as possible to crawl back into bed.

On the way home I switched to wife-dearest on the phone "no one can make a moment of my life easy" and "why so much attitude? do I not do enough for you"...

I came in and slept for 5 hours... when hubby gets home I'll get to the "Oh my God, I am so sorry."

So, my cute little "lice fever" post turned into a "mommy  dearest" post... she* doesn't come out often but when she does there are usually a lot of apologies to make.

*I try to believe that "mommy dearest" is not really me... and just a horrible, very occasional, visitor. Yes, I'll be talking to Vera about her.

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