Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three Teeth

I have a huge distrust of dentists. The last one I went to said I needed 4 root canals... Even though I was in no pain. Then he brought another dentist into the room and it felt like a sleazy car sales.

I got one done (of the 4) and never went back.

I have been in such radiating pain this past week that I knew I would have to go.

I found a dentist I like. I had to find one that worked on Saturday... God is... Well, GOD. I think I had this pain so I would find this dentist.

He could not find where I needed root canals. Hmph to the other dentist. My pain was coming from my upper right wisdom tooth that should have been removed long ago.

We pulled all three out. I'm praying this will be the end to my migraines too.


  1. Holy tomato, Kathleen.
    I had three root canals last year. I learned that I am officially Hard to Sedate.
    That was three root canals too many.
    I'm supposed to have another one. Instead, I went to an alternate practitioner and drank potions(a really good whisky).
    I'm holding out.
    A-Z Challenger Kristen

  2. Best of luck on recovery. New follower here. I’m visiting my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.