Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm on bed rest until after my x-ray tomorrow.  Bed rest when you are sick is not as fun as "bed rest" when it is cold and rainy and you get to watch a movie or read a book and drink hot chocolate.

It's not the same when all you want/can do is sleep. The good news is I'm feeling better every time I wake up.

They added another med today...

What the ha-shizzle!
I don't know if I would always find this contraption complicated or if it's because of the other 15 meds that I'm on... but I had to read the directions 3 times before I was ready to attempt a dose.  In the second column of instructions (ha-shizzle) they mentioned a rattling, if you don't hear the rattling, shake to hear a rattle.  What the ha-shizzle is going to rattle?

Success, I heard the rattle.  The PILL rattles.  In the 1 ft x 2 ft of fine print instructions they should have added the word "pill" to that section.  Just saying.

My other breathing treatment is in the nebulizer... 
which I'm used to because of the girlies.

I feel like a fish.
Or a scuba diver would probably be more appropriate.
But I'm 0n meds... and that's my excuse for goofy-ness today.

Back to bed.

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