Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today... I had fun!  First time in a long time that I was able to NOT think about breathing and/or sleeping.   After getting a triple haircut (me and my girlies) we drove over to visit with Gorgeous.

Gorgeous is recovering from major foot surgery... it's an awesome frankenfoot now.  Anyway, because I've been so ill'n we haven't been able to stop by for some chill'n. Yup, I wrote "ill'n" and "chill'n," I am definitely on the road to recovery.

Caitlin suggested a game of Sorry after we ate dinner.  I think we were all "meh" but she really wanted to play.

So. Much. Fun!

Siobin... is evil when it comes to Sorry!... and she is not "sorry" at all!

Gorgeous broke out some M&M treats for game time.  M&M candies will always remind me of my grandmother, Gorgeous' mom, and I think the tradition will continue. I hope they still have M&M candies when I'm a grandma.

Honestly, Gorgeous doesn't seem old enough to be a grandma.  My grandma was old for-ev-er! Totally fun and awesome, but old!  Gorgeous was right when she said she wasn't old enough to be a grandparent... of coarse that was 13 years and six grandchildren ago :) I think she's adjusted.

I love this photo for two reasons.  First, because right after I gave the camera to Caitlin to snap some photos of the other side of the board (us) Honey and I started wrestling over a game piece. I let my inner child come out when we play board games. So this is the best picture there was of the two of us. Second, do you see the open mouth and straining neck on Honey?  That's a Spearing girl laugh. It's obnoxious and loud and totally un-lady-like.  This is the way I laugh. And this is how both my sisters laugh when they think something is really funny.  I love it and it brings me joy.

After Siobain "sorry-ed" all of Caitlin's pieces... Caitlin ended up winning.
I thought I had it in the bag!

We weren't ready for the fun to be over and Caitlin suggested Monopoly.  I wasn't ready for the fun to last three days so I counter offered Yahtzee. (The game with bonus math skills practice.)

Super Siobain did not win.

Gorgeous did not win.*

That's right, I won after scoring two Yahtzees! 
Gorgeous suggested I buy a lotto ticket on the way home.

See, all I needed was some time with my mom to start feeling better.

*Okay, Gorgeous is gorgeous and so I have to remind everyone that she has a frankenfoot and would otherwise not be in a recliner with a walker in the background.

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