Friday, March 16, 2012

While I was Sleeping...

"You must be dying because you haven't posted since Monday." I've been tired. I made it through Monday and Tuesday but worked half day on Wednesday... Sleeeeeeep.

Then, I (TMI) had a nice vomit incident on Thursday afternoon.  Aside from the drama of (1) vomiting; (2) vomiting at work; (3) standing 'nekked' in the third floor ladies room wandering if I could just lay down on the cold tile... there was also the frustration of ALMOST working a full day.  Arg.  So close.

I'm so glad I took a vacation day today. Rest, relax... no embarrassing vomit situations. (Although Caitlin did give me that "you are so gross" look this morning... but that's just bonus baby!)

Time is ticking while Kathleen is sleeping. (I really wish I could have rhymed something with "ticking.") Anyway, it's spring break and the girlies and hubby have not been wasting a moment! Well, hubby has taken some moments to cuddle me and make me feel better... but that's in between the fun stuff!


Mostly fun stuff... I was a crabby pants when I got home on Tuesday.  I threw a hissy fit because Honey had a graphic of a gun on her shirt.  "Pick your battles," I know, but in my weakened condition and having a gun "pointed" at me really... set me off.  Electronic freebie night to make up for that...

Caitlin's masterpieces using Hubba Hubba:

Caitlin, Hubby, Kitty, Hubba Hubba

Siobain, Spartacus, Me

Siobain worked on this animation on her NintendoDS.  It's not done yet, but it's awesome... even though I don't like the music...


Goin' to the Drive In!  Hubby and the girlies checked out a new (to us) drive in on the other side of town.  They reported back that it is better than the one we usually go to.  Siobain was awesome and made sure there were photos taken.  I think she did a really great job.

Apparently there is a mini golf course there too... with a Sponge Bob... I do love photos with statues. No really, I do.  Hubby makes fun of me.

My favorite photo is of the girlies playing with the speakers.


Grrr... Hubby played at open mic. No one took pictures.  There will be punishment especially since everyone was laughing about what a great time they had.  Cruel.


And that brings us up to today.  Caitlin made this wheel, it says "horn" in the center, and made Hubby be the car.  No major crashes but I think the blue book value for the hubbymobile suffered today.

Honk if you're adorable!

They just got back from the museum... 

They only took a couple of photos... but they brought me ice cream, so we're good.

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