Friday, March 9, 2012

Puppet Master

Hubby is the puppet master.
The king of all wacky, tacky and true hilarity in our household.

He recently decided the family should watch the Muppet Show and ordered the first DVD from Netflix. Here is a photo of them watching the show...

Couple of things... but first I have to say that this is a SOFA.  Like, it fits three 200lb men comfortable, I assume, because I have home invasion issues. Anyway, there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out... but these three always sit like this... all crowded up.  I don't get it.

Second... Muppet Show, ain't "haha" funny.  Clearly demonstrated by the photo above.

Third... Even if it isn't a "haha" show, these three look like they are watching Bambi lose his mother.  Except Honey, she's got an evil smile. 

Fourth... Caitlin reminded me of the iconic Les Miserables poster.

Do you see it?

After they watched some good old Muppet fun I was visited by some old friends...

(Hubby and Caitlin)

Lucky! I caught their second act on video!

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