Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That's Pimp

Siobain woke me up this morning... "do they cancel school when it rains this hard?"

Sigh, no. 

Even having to give Spartacus his anti-rainstorm-and-thunder-medicine I was still able to drop the girlies off on-time to school. Impressive!

But I didn't make it to work on time...

The traffic was at such a standstill that I was actually able to check my email with no safety guilt. (Usually I only answer and place calls.)

My morning started off pretty rough.  A man was in my office humming with rage.  I mean, I think he was actually emitting a hum from the vibrations of his muscles as he tried to stay under control.  To his credit, he never once raised his voice... I was a little worried about his face though.  He's a handsome man and rubbing on it like that can cause wrinkles.  Anyway, I was up to the task of fixing the situation (the deets don't matter, well, except that it wasn't about me or my fault... for some reason those deets always matter to me.)

But by 11:15 I had not been able to fix things.  So I needed to eat some texmex STAT (thank you girls!)  As we were leaving the texmex restaurant three things happened.

First, there were three women walking out behind us who heard me ask my friend frantically "Did you see naked women? I need to know if you saw naked women! WERE THERE NAKED WOMEN?"

Okay, I didn't know they were behind us and these questions were heard completely out of context.  Alright, they probably weren't out of context but I did NOT know anyone could hear us.  I made their day.

Second, this car...

... is sitting on the ground. At first I thought there were four flat tires... but no, it's a hydraulic-y car.  Pimp! We were NOT going to leave until I had a picture of this car. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good angle so we had to leave the texmex parking lot and go into the "gentleman's club" parking lot... which was a fun field trip. As we are driving back into the texmex parking lot, hanging out the window with my camera, we pass the same three women... who roll down their window, laugh, and say "Are you back to take a picture of that car?" Ha-shizzle YES! (You know I made their day!)

Third, I made the girls wait until I got the right shot.  I didn't care that we were blocking a car.  I have priorities... and Pimp is one of them.  Fortunately the other car ALSO found our shenanigans amusing.

BONUS, I received an email on the way back to work that the "situation" was about to be fixed!


Because I think this is funny... I'm going to share it.  I have a half-wall on one side of my cubicle.  It's convenient and helps control my claustrophobia.  There were three men talking to me over the half wall about projects for a bit. When they left I looked down at my keyboard... only to see...

... my shirt rolled up and one of my belly rolls chillaxing for the whole world to see.  I've taken this photo from their point-of-view so that you can really, really appreciate this post-awkward moment. 

A few rules to live by.... Always tell people when: 
- they are wearing a price tag 
- they have toilet paper stuck to any part of their body 
- their clothing tag is sticking out
- they have a booger
- food is on their face, chest, or lap
- hair is sticking up (unless it's clearly on purpose)
- any smudge, dirt, or marker on their face
- food or any object stuck in or on their teeth
- their zipper is unzipped, wherever that zipper my be
- if they have anything alien on their behind, not matter what it is

So, I emailed some girl friends this photo with the note that ONE of these three guys could have said something along the line of "pull your shirt down."

Later that day... Little Miss Stacy was with me and in the short amount of time we were together she kindly told me THREE times that my shirt rolled up.

Burning the shirt! Keeping Stacy!


Caitlin has to read everyday for homework... sometimes we are distracting :)

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  1. You crack me up! Do they make cow testicle trophies? I would award you one for the sheer ballziness(yeah, I said it) of not only taking a pic of this but posting it for the world to see. You go girl. Way to thumb your nose at humiliation. I don't think I would have been able to do that.