Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Nice Things

Many people lifted my day today. But two people specifically...

Karen shared an awkward email with me. I love awkward... But she addressed it to Kitty. I teared up a little. I've wanted to be Kitty for so long. But maybe not the "Kitty" you would suspect. My desire to have that nickname is because of my love for that character on That 70s Show. Love her.

I tried to become Aunt Kitty with my nieces... But it hasn't caught on. Maybe with my little Henry.

And the tonight, during our N.I.A. meeting hubby stop talking N.I.A business and said " your hair looks so pretty." Spoken in such a soft, loving tone.

So I immediately took a photo of myself! Tehehehe...

The pink tone of the photo is because we are in the Pepto room... Soon to be reprinted!

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