Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Pneumonia won't keep this birthday girl down... okay, it will.  But lucky for me, my family brought the party to the bedroom!

My three best presents ever!

Long ago Michael started a tradition of using the wrong occasion card for all occasions... sometimes this can be awkward.  I think he learned his lesson about using bereavement cards.

Caitlin spiced the card up with some Backyardigan stickers.

The theme of the birthday was...
Wedding Shower card
Backyardigan stickers
Dora the Explorer plates
St. Louis Blues Hockey napkins
Winnie the Pooh cake

Caitlin gave me a Disney Lemonade Mouth CD... hmmm, I've always told the girlies that when selecting a gift for a friend, if it's something they like then their friend will probably like it too...

A backscratcher!
Seriously, I asked for this for Christmas and didn't get one. Yahoo!

 There was an extra sheet of stickers in my card... for me to put wherever I want.

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