Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Boom-Boom MiniVan

Sometimes, this 38-year-old mother of two feels the need... to boom-boom.  That's right. Crank up the radio and vibrate the windows. At these times I really wish my minivan was decked out with extra bass and a neon under-carriage.


Today I boom-boom-ed at work too.  Nothing makes project updates more fun than Moves Like Jagger.  I even got a little Iko Iko in today.

Froggy joined me in my boom-boom work.


I've missed my "awkward" lately.  The awkward moments in my life provide me with entertainment and always give me a giggle.  So I was soooo relieved when I accidentally hopped a curb while dropping the girlies off to school today.  That's right.  In front of everyone.  Awkward.

Here's another awkward, just for me!  I am the stereotypical-cartoon-crazy-pms-woman!  And here is the picture to prove it!

Yup! A heating pad, wine, chocolate, and Pamprin.

The bear is symbolic ;)

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