Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My girl friends have been talking about "threading" a lot lately.  "It's so much better than waxing or plucking!"

Robyn was heading over to get her brows done this afternoon and I decided to join her. Here's what I knew before I had it done... they use a thread... that and the comment above were about the extent of my knowledge.

We walk in to the... threading place... I don't know the name of it.  It is Indian owned and run and the women were very nice. There was a television playing bollywood music videos (which I secretly l-o-v-e.)

I was asked to sit in a hair-salon type chair and to scoot down.  Further down.  More, touch your head on the back of the chair.  Okay, to accomplish laying my head on the back of the chair I had to scoot my (large) a$$ off the chair.  I was hanging on by my tailbone.

She started with my brows.  Um. Ouch. Sneeze.

I had to stop her to sneeze.  It was a reflex.  I was really worried that for each... thread... I'd have to sneeze.  But I didn't.  Instead I laughed.

It was a laugh of pain.  A "I can't believe that I am paying someone to hurt me this much" laugh.  A "why am I torturing myself" giggle.

The nice woman asked "Are you ticklish?"

Ummm... I did not say "What the ha-shizzle? How could this tickle ANYONE!"... instead I just laughed again and tried not to wince.

As I was staring at the ceiling I was thinking that they should put motivation posters up there.  You know, 'You can do it!' or 'Breath through the pain!' But I guess that wouldn't be good for business.

Meanwhile I have started crying.  Silent tears streaming into my hair as gravity pulls them from the outside corner of my eyes.  Not sobbing, just some tiny tears.

"We do your lip?"

I've never done my lip before... but apparently it needed to be done.  "I'll need to wax first, you have a lot of hair."


More giggling. Another tear. She hands me the mirror.

I can't see anything with my blurry vision, so I nod and say thank you.

I'm a little dizzy when I get up.

I have really sensitive skin and these red marks lasted for about an hour and a half... while I was at work. The welts have become smaller... but I am still worried about what my skin might do tomorrow.

Apparently this is an ancient hair removal process from Egypt or India... a natural way of removing hair using only thin cotton thread.

A found a video online to share... in case anyone wants to try threading.

I will try this again.  Everyone says the first time hurts because you have more hair... we'll see.

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  1. Ah, Kathleen. You are such a riot. The video made it look harmless, but your the welts on your face say otherwise. Ouch.