Saturday, March 3, 2012

Words With Friends

I'm currently playing my first two games of Words With Friends.  My sister Sarah is making a monkey out of me.  I'm keeping pace with Gabe.

Sarah sent a text "are you even trying?"

"Yes, I'm playing with my friend Gabe and just played 'barf', I no longer think I am even of average intelligence :("

This solicited a call from Sarah.  She went through a list of tips and I was doing all of them.  But apparently my strategy was all wrong.  With the three letters I had just played she could have tripled my points elsewhere on the board.  It's all about board placement. You should never lay anything on the board that scores less than teen points.

Since taking this as my number one priority I have indeed tripled my score per play.

Also, apparently regular Scrabble rules don't apply.  There is no "fake word flag" by the opponent because the game prohibits you from playing a word that doesn't exist.  So the other player doesn't know if you try a word spelling to see if it will work. There are a lot of weird spellings out there (which has always been my excuse for being a bad speller!)

Now I know why people have been "blah blah this game is so fun blah blah blah" forever. The smart phone is changing my life a little.

I was home sick today.  "Lucky lady time" plus coughing has been added to my ailments.  I doubt they can add anything to my current med arsenal.  I'm now having to take two handfuls of pills instead of my regular one handful. 

Over medicated anyone?  Just for the next 6 days.

The girlies and hubby saw The Lorax today.  They said they liked it, but there was no gushing "mommy you HAVE to see it".... so it must not have been that good.

Hubby and I watched Martha Marcy May Marlene tonight.  I've been wanting to see it for a while.  I've always been fascinated with brainwashing and cult behavior.  The selection process and the power some people can hold over others.

I thought it was a well done movie.  Subtle acting and interesting editing.  I recommend.

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