Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear TOA

There is a great little Asian restaurant in my neighborhood.  And it delivers sushi!  So, they've got me on file for when I'm home alone and no one can veto dinner, like tonight. (No one else in my family likes Asian cuisine, sigh.)

I have no complaints about their service or food. In fact, the Mongolian Beef with extra scallions I had tonight was delicious.

BUT... they need a new script writer for their fortune cookies. (I know, they buy them from a company, so  THAT company should get some new writers.)


... is a little creepy.

"Someone is watching you from afar" is not gonna sit well on Mongolian Beef.  I'm just saying. And then if you are playing any of the fortune games it just gets worse... "in bed"... "behind you"... "going to the bathroom."  Okay, I made up those last two... but it segues to my next photo (screen grab, what-evs).

I'm playing DrawSomething with a friend and this is the 1st of three drawings I received for this word.

The next one was of a man urinating and the third was of a dog urinating.  It took me forever to spell out p-e-e because I am soooo high-brow.  Tehe.

It's a fun game.

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