Saturday, March 24, 2012

Totally N.I.A.

Hubby made breakfast in bed for me.  Wait... He didn't make it in bed. He made it in the kitchen and then brought it to me. I was in bed. So I ate breakfast in bed.

Whatever, it was a nice treat after a rough Friday. Lovely way to start our Saturday.

Next was guitar lessons.  This was a major review morning because we have missed too many lessons.  Cracking the whip!... A little bit at a time.  Caitlin was a little teary because her fingers are sensitive again.   My fault for not keeping everyone in practice mode. But I'm back.

Hubby tried to make Caitlin feel better by playing her mini guitar... it drove everyone away but me, and I wish I had turned on some lights!

Guitar Hero Dork!

Next up on the Saturday agenda was a meeting of the N.I.A!  Siobain and I were invited to join this week.  So exciting. Meetings are held in Caitlin's room on Saturdays.  The door opens magically (with the help of hubby) when Caitlin performs the secret knock with her pink umbrella. (Which looks very much like the Diagon Alley knock that Hagrid performs in the first HP movie.)

Once inside the clubhouse we learned what N.I.A. stands for, it's a secret. Caitlin called the meeting to order, she's the president.

I was in stealth camera mode, so this is the best one of the president that I could get.

There was some club business to take care of next, like the election of the VP.

I guess hubby is the parliamentarian because he advised Caitlin on motions and voting.

Spartacus was voted in as V.P.

We all have secret nicknames.
(Mine is the nickname that I've been trying to get people to call me for-e-ver!)


Hubby took the girlies out for the afternoon. I couldn't leave the house. I guess if it were on-fire I would have managed... two steps forward, one step back.  Otherwise I am really proud of myself.  I didn't get out of the house but I did get some stuff accomplished IN the house.  So that's something.  And I didn't wallow or sleep at all.

Well, I might have wallowed a little while I was watching the Hollywood version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo... I preferred the 2009 Denmark version. But that's just me.

Spartacus waited for his girlies to come home... and waited... and waited.  Poor guy.  Finally they were home... and pooped.  Caitlin drew a picture of hubby, I took a picture... and played.  Spittin' image!

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