Friday, March 2, 2012

Move over dummy!

TGIF!  I went to bed last night knowing today was going to be a humdinger, but it's FRIDAY!  Four shoots scheduled for today: 8:00 am - my project; 9:30 am - Roger's project; 11:00 am - Tom's project; 3:00 pm - my project.  The only one I wasn't scheduled for was Roger's portrait... but that's still four set-ups in the studio in one day, wowza!

I wanted to make sure to get to work in plenty of time so I left the house at 6:30.  Traffic is great this early in the morning! So great that I arrived earlier than scheduled.  I decided to put my thoughts "in order" while waiting in the hallway for Michael to arrive and unlock the studio door (my keys were in the other building.)

Hmmm... that looks like a cushy chair down the hall... move over dummy!

Who's the dummy? The mannequin or the chick who takes her picture with a mannequin?

Great day of shooting.  Lot's of fun.  I was a little hyper, even for me. I think maybe it's from the steroid?

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