Sunday, December 4, 2011

What the Dickens?

Hurrah!  My family is home at last!  They had a blast in Galveston visiting family and Dickens on the Strand. Wish I could have gone with them but I'm not ready for a 5 hour (10 hour round trip) car ride and the crowded streets of Galveston... but I'll get there :)

Michael was in charge of the camera and he took a lot of ambient photos but I'll just show mainly my girlies.

Friday night was family night.  Dinner and fun with the Galveston folks... but hubby took no pictures :(

Dickens on the Strand

No surprise my girlies were in trouble immediately.
I hope Honey in handcuffs does not become a lifetime trend.

Caitlin sneaking in to tip the carolers.

Had to add this photo because they were playing Eleanor Rigby, one of Hubby's favorites.

Caitlin tipping the cutest bunch.

Sigh, Honey holding a musket...

A friendly face.

I l-o-v-e this picture... tehehehehe.

The Gulf

Caitlin the seagull.

LOL... Hubby didn't have any change... so they are looking at nothing.

Relaxing and enjoying the view of the surf.

Caitlin remembered these hats from another visit...

Circa December 2007

Weekend Food
(I don't know if they ate anything but junk food...)

Goofball Photos
It's not a trip with Hubby if there isn't some goofy-ness.

The Amazing Dr. Zeso

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