Saturday, December 31, 2011

Late Night Movie

I feel a little guilty.  Gorgeous looked so tired last night... but all the girlies had been promised a sleep over so we dumped them on her.  The good news is that none of the girlies like to disappoint Gorgeous so they are really good when with her... the bad news is that they are 3, 6, 9, and 12... that's a lot of energy even if it's all well-behaved energy.

Sooo... my guilt was soon forgotten as we headed to a late night movie. We never get to do that, like never ever.  Mission Impossible at 9:45, score!

It was way busier than I expected, don't these people know it's bed time?  We found seats but I made hubby anxious with my fidgety-ness.  Crowded theater, new space, people.... and then a lady sat right in front of me.

Her pony tail, which was very impressive, flowed way over her seat and into my personal space.  It was alive and kept trying to touch me.  I have an aversion to hair, even my girlies' hair.

Then the smell hit me.  What is that? I was overwhelmed by the scent of smoke.  Hubby couldn't smell it.  I couldn't NOT smell it.  After asking him, "do you smell it yet?" every 15 seconds he finally said that the only thing he could smell was a very strong perfume. It was HER. I know it was.

Fidget, fidget, fidget some more.  "Let's change seats" hubby says.  I don't want to have to get used to a new seat in this crowded theater. He "suggests" changing seats 3 more times while I fidget.

I settle down a bit and decide to use the fabric of my cowl-neck-dress to cover my nose and mouth. OMG, does that bad breath belong to ME? I check to make sure no one else is breathing into my cocoon... nope, it's me.  Why didn't anyone tell me? Why didn't hubby tell me?

Now I have to choose... which is worse? HER perfume or MY breath?

After determining that I would get used to her perfume much faster than I would to my breath I relaxed and enjoyed the show.  Meh movie. Action, some story, that cute guy from that other movie. But nice to watch a movie in a theater.

We get home at about 12:30.  I'm probably asleep by 1:30. Wake up at 10:00am...

Look at those bags and bloodshot eyes!

I feel like a truck ran over me. Like I had been drinking copious amounts of alcohol.  I'd had nothing to drink, no tire tracks across my body...  I'm just too old to go to a late night movie.  I'll have to remember to dump the kids with Gorgeous in-time for a 5:00pm movie next time. Bwahahahaha.

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