Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Kitty Prayer

3:30 in the morning. My cat just wet the bed, I think for the first time ever... first time that I remember anyway.

At first I couldn't figure out what had spilled on the bed. There was no color to it and it smelled so sweet (smells like Hawaiian Punch).  Not like urine. Michael was about to leave for work but took a few minutes with me.  He said he could smell a faint urine odor.

Google is a scary thing in the middle of the night.  Sweet urine, yes. Weight loss, now that you mention it. Change in personality, yes, much more active than normal. Hubby said he'd take her to the vet.

I had taken her personality change as a good sign, a mellowing as she aged.

I pray that is what it is. That it is not kidneys or diabetes or leukemia.  Or that she has some minor ailment that is easily remedied. I'm suffering a fair amount of guilt.  Spartacus goes to the doctor quit a bit, a sneeze and I'm ready to take him.  Kitty is Kitty, she's always there ready to purr or nip depending on if she is willing to let us love on her at that moment.  She's an indoor cat so there is very little risk of outside influences on her health.  Just age. 

I've had her for almost 15 years.  She was pregnant with six kittens when I found her (I didn't know it at the time.) Many good people took those kittens for me.  People who couldn't afford it but were cat lovers or Kathleen lovers (in the nonsexual sense) and willing to care and love for a furry friend.

I've never thought myself a "cat person," just a Kitty person. Just my cat.  Just her.

I need her to keep being Kitty, my cat who lives her life with us but with her own set of rules.

Caitlin had gotten into bed with us at some point tonight.  I had to wake her up to change the sheets. What's the matter? Is it time to wake up? No, Kitty wet the bed and I think she isn't feeling well.

Eyes closed and swaying a little in a stand-up sleep "Feel better Kitty" she says... and I pray "feel better Kitty, be okay Kitty, be healthy Kitty."

Be healthy Kitty.

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