Thursday, December 8, 2011

Presents, the wrapped kind

Caitlin's school has a "holiday shop" this week.  Kiddos can go in and buy presents for their family.  Most of the items are low cost fun items that a child would enjoy buying... and Caitlin l-o-v-e-s it!  She feels so special that she makes the selections and wraps them all buy herself.

So these are the first presensts under the tree...

To: MoMMy

I've been sharing a list of all my girlie's gifts, as I receive the Amazon boxes, with some girlfriends.  It's fun to report to the peeps when something I've ordered arrives.  And I like to hear what they've found.

It's also good because we can share where we find deals... Like the American Girl Pet deal my sister found at Costco.  And we can empathize with the wish lists and tastes and expectations...

My favorite quote so far.... "Santa's got us by the balls."

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