Friday, December 2, 2011

Hard 8 for 10

My team went out on our holiday lunch today... and then the afternoon off!! The team vote went to a restaurant called Hard Eight.  A fine dining experience where you select your meat from a huge BBQ/smoker thing... be careful, servings ain't normal!... then you select your fixin's... some desert... and something to wash it all down with.

This is a place for guys, where even I can feel like a lady! See... 

.... my feet don't even touch the ground!

Many thanks to Keith for taking a photo... ha ha ha, he's so funny!
But it is really good banana pudding.

I insisted that we take a team photo.  No one was really "game"... but they finally caved.
Peter didn't want to take a "stale" photo, so we took one without our heads!

The nice gentleman who took the photo for us was very confused. No heads?!?
I'll have what she's drinking!

(Tim), (Tom), Michael, Keith, Christy, Caryl, Keir, Peter, Me, (Roger)

I didn't notice at the time that the gentleman didn't get Tim, Tom or Roger in the picture.

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