Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

After a fun visit with hubby's family this afternoon we headed over to Gorgeous' house. My sister Sarah and her clan came over too.  We all had such a wonderful time!  Mom made mexican chicken and tacos... delicious!  Dinner was full of laughter, my throat hurt I was laughing so hard at Peter, Sarah's hubby.  He is hi-larious.

The four girlies were so full of excitement.  We finally (after 3000 requests) let them open their presents.

Mia and her castle set.

Eleanor loves her Hedbanz game.

Caitlin received an American Girl pet... SCORE!

 Siobain wanted this EXACT shirt-painting-kit!

The only thing missing from the evening was my 5th girlie, Katherine, and her parents. But we have to share with Jason's side of the family too. I hope they are having as wonderful an evening as we did.

We'll be heading back to Gorgeous'  house after church tomorrow morning and will get to see a bit more of the cousins before they leave to visit with Peter's family.

Lots of love and joy to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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