Monday, December 12, 2011


Caitlin is putting the final touches on her book report tonight.  There were not enough new words to fill out the vocabulary section of the report... So we learned "protagonist"...  Junie B. Jones is the protagonist of Shipwrecked.

My little trouble maker :)

If I were the protagonist in a "drama, movie, novel or other text" then the said "drama, movie, novel or other text" would have to be titled AWKWARD.

Today was one awkward scenario after another.  Hi-larious struggle with Spanx stockings in the morning. (AWKWARD) Vomit scare.* (AWKWARD) 4 email situations... ya know, where you send an email and the silence of no reply is deafening.  (AWKWARD) 2  phone situations... one live and one non-returned voice mail. (AWKWARD) Irritating a co-worker, who is also a friend. (AWKWARD)

And then at 5:00 pm I had to decide how badly I needed to go to the bathroom... I did REALLY need to go... but getting these Spanx stockings up is a chore.  I'd already done it three times today... Against my urinary tract's advice I decided it could wait the 60min + drive home... The rush to the bathroom was crazy... and then there was no toilet paper. (AWKWARD)

On the up side, I'm pretty sure if I video taped my morning Spanx/stocking routine, added the song "Old MacDonald had a Farm," and put it online I would quickly become an Internet superstar... I just don't know if that's a video in which I want to be the protagonist.

ORIGIN late 17th cent.from Greek prōtagōnistēs, from prōtos ‘firstin importance’ agōnistēs actor.’

*I'm taking some meds that have a crazy nausea side effect. It will strike out of nowhere.  We were standing at the door this morning when it hit me really badly.  I started making noises... you know, the warning noises that precede a mess.

Siobain, "Are you alright?"
Me, "I think I'm going to vomit."
Siobain, with care and love, rubs my shoulder... while Caitlin says "Please don't vomit on me."

I've already chosen which child will take care of me in my old age... and it isn't Caitlin.

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