Sunday, December 11, 2011


Been doing my online shopping.  A great time in history for me to have social-location-shopping phobias 'cause I can still get 97% of my Christmas shopping done.

This is my shopping face.*

*Truth... this is my shopping face if I held my computer up at shoulder level so that I don't have three chins.  My true shopping face would not be so flattering.  The lip biting is true to form, I'm developing a blister.

My go-to place is Amazon. I've yet to have any problems.  Plus I generally do find the best deals there... but might they be taking over the world?

A few weeks ago named Now That's Nifty as a Blog of Note... and I read a blog with a graphic re posted from Frugal Dad about the amazing world of Amazon. (and now re posted here...)

Amazon Infographic

I'll think about world domination in 2012... right now I'm just tracking my packages.

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