Monday, August 20, 2012

Trashy Turns

I put my panties on in the driveway this morning. It's not as bad as it sounds. No, that's a lie. It is exactly how it sounds.

I took all the panties I own on vacation last week. I always over pack panties. I have a fear of being stuck without clean underwear. After our 20 hour drive I brought in the suitcase of dirty laundry and thought I would bring in the clean clothes suitcase later... Ya know, I just wanted to get started on laundry but wasn't up to bringing in everything.

Well "later" never happened. So I woke up this morning with all my clean panties in the car... And I was running late... And I was wearing an ankle length dress... So I thought, what's the harm?

I went out to the car, grabbed a pair of clean panties, and... Shimmied into them under my dress. Climbed into the car and was on my way.

Before I was off my street I ran across this situation... There should only be one home being trashy in their driveway at a time! Today was supposed to be my turn!

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