Monday, August 13, 2012

Surprising the Sebastians

Our first day here at Disney was also my sister's family's last day. Hubby planed our vacation and then we found out that Sarah was going to be out here with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa, Peter's parents, the week before us. Hubby adjusted our stay so that we would have one magical day together... And it was!

The idea was for us to meet up with my sister in whatever park they were in and "casually" bump into them, surprising the kids. I'm pretty sure that the only one who didn't catch on was Mia, my 4th girlie, who just turned 4.

Then the race for fun began... And I am not kidding about the race! Sarah has the best amusement park plan, giving her girlies the perfect visit. She runs forward to the rides, gets the Fast Pass, and then runs back to meet the family at the next ride "appointment"... I'm not sure her girlies know what lines are. And so my girlies were spoiled today, but they'll learn what a line is 'cause I'm not super-mom. I tried to get Sarah to stay longer and run around all the parks for us...

I am excited to report that I went on several rides. The extra therapy sessions are working! Plus, Disney does a really nice job of making us plus-sized peeps comfortable. I'm so glad I googled "fat people at Disney" before we came. It gave me the confidence to get in line and give it a try.

I don't have many pictures today because hubby didn't bring the camera to the park. Just these two to share, my favorite mousketeers and one of me in my "survival" gear.

When Hubby saw me with my clip-on fan and sun protection umbrella he said I would have to walk 10 feet behind them. Ha! Everybody wanted my fan! I was asked by employees and other guests where I got it. I. Am. Brills!

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