Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Look

Unfortunately, I get this look a lot...

(Karen and Stacy)

This look says "you have been talking way too long, about something I'm not interested in, but I am a polite person and will just pray silently for it to end."

Abort immediately when you get this look.  Plowing through only makes matters worse. It is especially awkward when you receive this look from a boss or a client.

This is a reoccurring issue for me, as is evident by this blog.  I think to myself before going into a meeting "just listen, don't talk," or "ask about them first," or "you don't need to fill the silence." I never heed my own advise.

So even people who like me, as I assume Karen and Stacy do because they continue to ask me to lunch, eventually give me this look.

But the real issue is I find myself interesting... to a point of redundancy.

My littlest girlie doesn't give me this look often, she finds me interesting. I'm getting this look more often from my oldest girlie... and until today have attributed it to her "teen" status, but now I think she's just over me. Hubby gives this look to me too... but I can smack him out of it, literally.

I don't feel comfortable smacking other people. And really, that wouldn't be fair since I am already torturing them.

As a side note... does anyone else notice that Karen and Stacy wore the same outfit today?

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