Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini Me

My mini me arrived today!

One of my co-workers sent out a funny bit of advertising to our work group. Applebee's Lunch Decoy... brills! And for $6.99 I had to have one. I wish I had taken a photo of her in the box, but here we are before I inflated her:

I timed myself, it took me 1:30 seconds of hot air to get my new BFF to the right size.

In their video, below, Applebee's suggests these "life like" inflatable people be used as decoys so you can sneak off to lunch... but Klocka is already so much more to me.  (Nissa helped me name her.) She's always willing to listen and agree with what I say. She always gets my jokes.  And although not tested yet, I think she will always take my side.

I let her answer the phone for a while today, but that didn't work out. So far her main strengths are listening and holding her breath. Boy, can Klocka hold her breath!

For 6.99 I suggest everyone get their own Lunch Decoy.  I just wish they had "plus-sized" versions.

I wonder if Applebee's would give her a free lunch if I brought her into the restaurant... I'll report back, 'cause I have no shame when it comes to free food!

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  1. Love your lunch decoy!!! Brilliant

    So did I miss your blogfest posts?